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Search engine (text)
29 37.66%
Search engine (image)
5 6.49%
0 0%
0 0%
2 2.60%
0 0%
Another self-bondage forum
7 9.09%
Another bondage forum
6 7.79%
Another pantyhose forum
3 3.90%
Another latex forum
1 1.30%
Suggested by a friend
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2 2.60%
Don't remember
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How did you find this site?
I'm very curious to know how you found this site. If it was a searching engine (which one?) do you remember what you were looking for?

I posted a poll, but I'm not sure how useful it is.
(21 Aug 2018, 01:26 )Like Ra Wrote: I'm very curious to know how you found this site. If it was a searching engine (which one?) do you remember what you were looking for?

I posted a poll, but I'm not sure how useful it is.

I don't remember 😊

Слава Україні

"We who have seen war, will never stop seeing it. In the silence of the night, we will always hear the screams. So this is our story, for we were soldiers once, and young."

Joe Galloway

(21 Aug 2018, 08:18 )Vixien Wrote: I don't remember
Added 😉
Search engine, searching for "self bondage" related stuff (I think)
Found your site from Anna’s selfbondage site.
Added another option - hypno-board.
(25 Aug 2018, 14:23 )sabrina1970 Wrote: Search engine, searching for "self bondage" related stuff (I think)

Me too... no brainer really... up Pops LikeRa and up pops me! 😊
(30 Aug 2018, 16:08 )steve6322 Wrote: up Pops LikeRa and up pops me!
And it happened (almost) exactly 8 years ago 😊
Just a reminder 😉 Does anybody remember how they stumbled upon this site?
Well, I was researching agricultural impacts to riparian watersheds on my smartphone while on my way home from work. While walking across an alleyway I was accosted by two gorgeous women who demanded to see my brand new iPhone X. They claimed that they needed my help to settle an argument they were having about women’s undergarments.

Since they were so cute, I obliged and handed over my phone. Before I knew what was happening, a third beautiful woman grabbed me from behind and forcibly stuffed a wadded up pair of nylons into my mouth. Things got kind of fuzzy after that but I distinctly remember being taken to their apartment whereby they forced me to repair their broadband internet connection. In their gratitude they fight over who would be first to have their way with my body. Finally disrobed, they marveled over my cut, muscular body. The taller brunette was first to straddle my hips. As she did so, she whispered sexy things into my ear. All he while, the more petite brunette was busily tapping away on my iPhone along with the third woman. I don’t remember what the two women were doing, but I think they were guiding the first in her activities. Whatever they’d viewed on my phone, I can tell you that many strange, perverse and horribly wonderful things were done to my body and mind that evening...

Anyway, once the evening was concluded, the three dropped me off near where I’d been taken. I began limping my way home in a pair of 6” heels (I must have lost my boots). Shivering in the cold air with nothing but a diaphanous babydoll to keep me warm (I must have misplaced my coat), I unlocked my phone to double check my location. As I worked with my phone, I caught myself absently twirling my long blonde hair with a finger (oddly, I remembered that I had short brown hair that morning...). Back on topic, I saw that my browser was still displaying “this” site. As a matter of course I promptly bookmarked it.

[some events may have been dramatized] 😁

...I’m pretty sure I got here via image search.

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