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Help with a tie
Hello everybody!

I've been trying to figure out how to do a hip/legs bondage to force someone to stay bent in doggy position, it's used a lot in shoots and seems rather simple to do but I can't figure out the way to do it properly. I attached some screenshots I took of lovely pristine edge in it so it's easier for us to figure it out together: 

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If anyone wants to see the video its kink ID is 43666

As you can see in one of the pictures one of the legs has an extra row of rope which leads me to believe the tie starts/ends on one of the legs, it also appears that there's no rope running through the belly so it probably doesn't start with a "belt" like rope like I initially thought and instead it's a loop that goes all around the butt, I might be completely wrong here but it's what I gathered so far.

I'm asking for help because I can't even find this specific tie name or even a photo of it anywhere, I'm lucky I stumbled upon it in one of the shoots I have downloaded because searching for "hip bondage bent position" in google was giving me nothing and I was starting to believe it was all a product of my imagination  Tongue
It reminds me this device:
(23 Sep 2019, 15:44 )Like Ra Wrote: It reminds me this device:
Yes! It's exactly the same idea but with ropes.

I'm trying to figure it out both for self-bondage and for partner bondage, seems to be great: comfortable, cheap, less bulky than a rigid steel device and probably fast to apply as well. Not to mention it leaves the hands and legs free to tie however you please, unlike the ones google insists to show me:

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It just seems so useful all around!