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I don't think we have a thread specifically for gloves so I'll kick one off with some thoughts.

Quote:Alternative hygiene measures can be arranged to implement the regulations and prevent any cross infection while fitting in with the Muslim culture and needs—such as the provision of long disposable gloves to the elbows.

Quote:Dr. (Abdul Majid) Katme has suggested the use of long-length, sterile, medical gloves that reach up to the elbows;

So, I look forward to seeing the likes of these being more widely worn for 'modesty' reasons:

Gloves1.jpg thumbnail    Gloves2.jpg thumbnail    Gloves3.jpg thumbnail   

My mind boggles wondering what invasive procedure the nurse in the second advert is thinking of carrying out; I wouldn't mind being on the other end of it though  Blush
(12 Sep 2015, 12:18 )culmor Wrote: the nurse in the second advert
I like the product code: ONAL Big Grin
I like how over-the-ellbow translucent rubber gloves are somehow thought to be more 'modest' than bare arms. It shows a certain, er, naivete.
I remember these gloves. We have used them for years, played with them when I was a kid. Our Vet uses them when he had to stick his arm into the back end of our horses.
Never thought of them as a sex toy.

I wonder what other toys a vet may have in his little bag.
Quote:I wonder what other toys a vet may have in his little bag.

J Lube, probably.
Well yea, we all know that.
But the vet does have something I still have somewhere,
A worming tool.
That was fun to play with.