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Gag options
(03 Jun 2019, 01:12 )BondageFan2000 Wrote: We aren't into any unusual types of gags.

Define "unusual"

For me personally, since I have TMJ, I can't use ball gags.  I have to find gags with a more narrow 'neck' so that my mouth can close around it more.  Butterfly gags are good for that if you don't inflate it too much.   Also there are gags that are sort of molded to fit a generic mouth, meaning they hold your teeth and tongue in nearly their default resting position.  I think those are the most comfortable.  I once wore one for 5 hours.

molded mouth gag
Forgive me, but if you can handle a 5.25 inch ball gag, that is what I call a mouthful. Hmm... must be a big... never mind.
You could always look at pony bit gags?

The obvious solution (to me at least) would be a slightly smaller ball-gag - my jaws ache after using my biggest ball (50mm) and I've got a big mouth!  😁 

You don't say if the ball is solid, if it is them maybe try a softer ball - one that can squash a little. I've found certain types of 'dog ball' with a dense foam structure to be very comfortable. They soak up a lot of saliva and don't last as long as solid silicon balls, but you can experiment. I use a stocking, with the ball inside - much as you seem to be thinking about.

Another gag I've had much pleasure from (wearing and applying) is a knotted nylon scarf - very similar to the classic DiD cleave gag, but with a lot more mouth filling ability. With a bit of application and practise you can vary the size of the knot to suit any willing victim.

Good luck with your gagging - very envious that you have a willing partner to play with 

I have the same trouble when using gags. Did you try a panel gag with a ball attached (see my avatar)? With a simple ball gag, the strap pulls against the face and lips, which might be the cause for the trouble. But if the ball is connected to a panel, which is in front of the mouth, this should not happen. It could also be a nice teaser to kiss the panel, while you cannot reach her lips. Another option could be (no guarantee) a harness ball-gag, but a good one, with soft leather straps. it can be adjusted in various ways and could be able to keep the ball in place without inconvenient pressure. Actually, soft leather straps might do the trick even for a simple ball-gag. A hood or mask with built in gag could be interesting too, but that is definitely one big step ahead, I suppose, the hood might be two steps even... Apart from that, I think, a silicone ball is quite appropriate. It is much nicer to the inside of the mouth than a hard ball (especially those with holes).

As for harness gags: Make sure, it fits well on the nose. There is usually a ring sitting on the nose right above the eyes, wich can apply nasty pressure.

Or google for "rope gag". Instead of the rope, you can also use stuffed tights. The big advantage is the variety of ways to tie it around the head. And you could even use the silicone ball from your ball-gag, and create your own tight- or rope-harness to keep it in place.
(03 Jun 2019, 01:12 )BondageFan2000 Wrote: a 5.25" ball
Quote:5.25 inch ball stretches and fills sub's mouth for full restraint

I wonder what was actually measured. Based on the photos, I think it's the horizontal silicon part between the metal rivets. The diameter of the ball is around 1.75".
5.25" must be the circumference, it matches a diameter of 1.75".
(04 Jun 2019, 21:08 )Strappado Wrote: 5.25" must be the circumference, it matches a diameter of 1.75".

How about a rubber balloon, inflated just to the size of the silicon gag? And if she breaks it, the silicon gag comes back in 😉

I don't think, silicon gag balls vary much in softness.

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