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Forced to walk around
So here is the session. I have the keys to my cuffs in the bottom drawer and the only way to open the drawer is to remove the chain. The keys to those locks are spread around my entire place. I even throw in one of the keys in the kitchen safe for half and hour to make sure I’m stuck for some time. The leggings make a great cheap hobble skirt. If I tried taking “long steps” my legs would cramp forcing me to make tiny steps. This whole time the vibrator is on full blast. After getting all the keys and uncuffing myself I decided to change things up a bit. I put on the ballet boots and locked my self in again. Rather than gather the keys I just blindfolded myself and threw the keys in the air for me to now look for. Took me a bit but was able to find them. The position was very comfortable and spent some time laying on my sofa. Any recommendations for future improvements to this session.

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Very nice work and the outfit looks great!
(02 Oct 2019, 23:23 )Frank Wrote: Very nice work and the outfit looks great!
Thanks. I recently got a new corset I want to try out. Also looking for some SB ideas if anyone has any. Feel free to post it here or pm me.
Have you thought about nipple clamps? They give a shocking sensation when you can't touch or remove them. I've slowly built up my tolerance and can stand the clover types for around 60 mins, perfect for a self-bondage session.
I don’t have them and I am always layered up when I do my sessions. Also not into them when I did have them.

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