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Force Feeding Ideas
Hello All,

Love the site with all the information and great ideas. Thanks for sharing all your experiences Ra.

I saw your last hotel post and the part I really liked was the force feeding. I'm trying to setup a similar scenario right now. I'm looking for ideas for gags though. I don't really like large gags so I'm trying to find something that can be locked in the mouth but that's smaller and easier to wear for longer periods.

Anyone have any good suggestions?

What about hoods with breathing tubes?
This hood's got a very small and comfortable gag.
(28 Nov 2009, 01:34 )Like Ra Wrote: This hood's got a very small and comfortable gag.

Yeah, I was trying to stay away from hoods and go straight up gags. Problem I have is most of the gags with a breathing tube have a large ball gag.

I've never tried a hood though so maybe one day I can experiment with one Smile
I think there should be a difference (in size) between breathing/feeding tubes and gags with breathing tubes.

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