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First contact
So I wanted to share this with everyone here because this was the first forum where I shared this side of me, that loves bondage and spandex and such. For the past year my dream has been to finally meet some people in real life, and to actually know what it feels like to have a real bondage session. I recently joined this site called fetlife, which is basically facebook for bondage, and wouldn't you know it, some one finally contacted me, but I was a bit taken away.

The man is 61 years old. He goes through my parts on business, and was interested in doing a session. At first I was extremely hesitant because of the age difference, he's old enough to be my grandfather, but then we chatted online. He has many of the same guidelines I do. No drugs, or unsuspected guests. I guess the guy travels a lot for business and has had many sessions this way with people around the country.

I was almost 100% against it at first. But the more we chatted the more I realized that this may be the break I need. He is able to supply a hotel room and gear, and offered to do a vanilla dinner first, and if I decided not to after that I could always just go home.

What if I go through with it? Will this session change my perspective on BDSM forever? What if it doesn't go as well planned as it sounds?
And what is his thrill?
(21 Feb 2012, 09:56 )Like Ra Wrote: And what is his thrill?

Same things really I guess. Leotards, bondage, role play and such.

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