Like Ra in latex catsuit, latex mask and high heels
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Female masks
didn't know where to put this, this is closest place I could find, Latex, selfie, in real life(atleast when I'm binding up), My new face mask has arrived and a new skirt. The mask fits great, found it on ebay, way, way over priced. Now I should be able to wear a mask all the time during my Binding sessions.

Actually, it looked pretty good.
Can you wear a gag under it?
That's a really pretty mask and you look lovely wearing it. I know you said you got in on ebay but I'm thinking it's one of the ones by Celesmask made in China. They're a good price and quite realistic but the measurements aren't great for my size of head. I like the black eyes effect I assume you're wearing a Zentai hood or something underneath. Maybe that's why I didn't feel completely right in mine because I could still see my eyes.