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[FOR SALE] Drawing commissions
Hello! I do not know if they know anything about it, but on the internet there is a whole market of artists who dedicate themselves to illustrate desires and fantasies in exchange for a payment. This type of work is usually called "commissions". It is a normalized activity in places like DeviantArt or Furaffinity, among others.
I'm a cartoonist and in other communities I usually make drawings to order.

I am one of these artists so, well, I hope to be available for those who request this service.

The way I have to make these requests is, first, through a talk in which the petition is detailed. If reference images are included, the better. And so go elaborating a sketch. If the sketch is approved, a deposit is made via Paypal. If the sketch requires modifications, these are also made.

After the draft is approved, the work is scheduled and this is done according to the time available. The drawing may take about a week to a month (depending on the amount of work scheduled).

The usual rate for the drawings is, on average, $ 35 (dollars or euros) for an individual illustration, or $ 60 for a comic page, and the payment is deposited via Paypal.

As for my limits when drawing, I completely avoid injuries and gore. Any other topic can be discussed. It is also necessary to take into account that all work carried out later will be published in my social networks, although obviously the drawing in question does not reach several of these due to the policies and norms of the same.

Anyway, this is all I can think about for the moment. These are some of the drawings that I made on request. I will be attentive to the requests that can be demanded in this respect either through this community, my social networks or my email:

Thanks for reading me

[Image: attachment.php?aid=33990]

[Image: attachment.php?aid=33987]

[Image: attachment.php?aid=33989]
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