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Experienced... Out of ideas :(
So, I am quite expierienced at selfbondage, but I am COMPLETELY out of ideas... Honestly I'm starting to get bored with this; I was wondering if you guys could help me brainstorm 😊

I'm a 20 year old male.

Here's a list of the gear I have:

-25ft rope
-Ball gag
-Neck posture collar
-Nipple clamps
-Nipple vibrators
-Locking panties
-Vibrating butt plug
-Zip ties
-12 set of padlocks (lol if master lock doesn't intend for them to be used this way then why do they sell them in sets of 12 😉
-Ice time lock

So any ideas would be GREEEEEAAATLY appreciated, thanks 😁

Happy to answer any other questions if you need it.
Hm, ok, what did you do up to now?
Can you be a bit more specific? Like, do you mean which individual ties I've done? Or what categories of selfbondage I've done...

And actually for the most part, I'm just lookin for step-by-step guides on new, hard rope selfbondage techniques

Also, I've recently added two old shoelaces as well as one 15 foot rope to my inventory 😊
-25ft rope
tie yourself up with it

-Ball gag
wear in mouth

-Neck posture collar
wear around neck

-Nipple clamps
wear on nipples

-Nipple vibrators
give to your girlfriend

-Locking panties
lock around your butt

-Vibrating butt plug
stick into your butt

-Zip ties
use to close garbage bags

-12 set of padlocks
lock doors in your house

-Ice time lock
use for timed bondage

If you want creativity, read the forum and the blog here.
Meh. Fair enough.
You can "reuse" these sessions:

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