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Entertaining Torture during Selfbondage.
Today i tried a new setup, using my cuff system, i showed you some time ago.
This time i tied my ankles close together. Like you see here:
I like my feet and i like to involve my toes into bondage some times.
I have the feeling, that it pushers me to orgasm faster if i curl my feet. 
So how about forcing myself to curl my feet during a  forced orgasm selfbondage session.

My idea is to put something around my big toes that trigger some Torture if 
i move them up. 
What i came up with were two rubber loops around the Toes, that are connected to a switch that triggers a timer relais for a fiew seconds. 
That relais could start a Estim, that gives strong Shocks to any body part for a short time. This way i would be forced to curl my feet. This is just a new idea and i will build a prototype soon. 
On the picture you can see how i could connect my toes. 
These are just two pieces of bicycle tube around my toes. 
Now connect to some Chain parts but if i am ready, 
there will be some kind of pull-Switch.
What do you think about the idea?
I think it's worth a try 😉.

Maybe I'll try something similar one day, I like the idea :p

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