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Enema for beginners?

I'm currently home alone, having bought my first cuffs and toys and lots of naughty thoughts in my head (first home alone time this year)… but I read rule no. 1: Before attempting anal play, do an enema and "clean out" properly. 

I don't really have an idea about that - My plan is to go to the DIY store, get some aquarium tubing (What diameter?) and a funnel and to clean out in the shower. 

But then again, I read that tap water enemas can be harmful (same way as drinking lots of it, as it seems). So: To clean myself out, what liquid should I use? Or is that tap water thing referring to enemas kept inside for longer?

Also, how much water should I use (as a beginner). I don't have any "practice" and... well, I gotta say that I'm kinda nervous. Don't want to end up in the ER... Confused So, how do I do it? Just apply lube, kneel down, shove the tube in and go? 

Thanks for sharing your experience! 


I can suggest to start with this thread: Enema links

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