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Electro shockers
I bought this some time ago. I didn't have electrodes. Now I can finally test.
It's intense. Good for punishment; not good for pleasure.

It sends "pulses" that are extremely short and intense. Like the light of a flash when taking a photo. There are buttons to change the intensity. The lowest is aeady intense! I would rate it a 8/10, the second is 9/10, and the third makes me want to scream. Didn't try the 4th. I don't know how many there are.

The programs only change the interval between the pulses. Between rare, like 2/second to very freequent, like the buzz of a vibrator set to "high". Each program has different frequencies and switches between them every few seconds with a 1s pause between. To understand: one of them is like this: bip-bip-bip-bip ... bzzzzzzz ... bip-bip-bip-bip ... bzzzzzzz ...

The intensity of the pulses do not change during a program. No program starts weak, increase, decrease. All pulses are the same. Only the frequency of the pulses changes. This makes slow rate more tolerable, but very intense when the frequency changes to high. And the change arrives after a pause... always unexpected.

Left unattended, it stops after ~ 10 minutes, but doesn't turn off completely. It can be restarted by remote.
Sorry, but the link doesn't work.
(30 Sep 2019, 18:23 )Vacbedbound Wrote: the link doesn't work.
Works for me.
(30 Sep 2019, 18:58 )Like Ra Wrote:
(30 Sep 2019, 18:23 )Vacbedbound Wrote: the link doesn't work.
Works for me.
I wonder if it's country specific. Tried from several devices - works fine.
(30 Sep 2019, 19:28 )krinlyc Wrote:
(30 Sep 2019, 18:58 )Like Ra Wrote:
(30 Sep 2019, 18:23 )Vacbedbound Wrote: the link doesn't work.
Works for me.

it works, if you or @Vacbedbound have a vpn, try it with that.
Can you get to the shop: ?
It works for me now.. but 3hrs ago the word "this" was not a link for me!
I tweaked the link a bit, but it worked for me straight away. Anyway, let's label it as "fixed" 😊
Works with my Apple.

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