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Easy drawing software
Imagine you have a self-bondage scenario in your mind, and you want to share it, but (like me) you can't draw.

What would be the easiest way of creating something drawing-like? Is there anything with pre-made shapes, bodies, tools, clothes, furnishing, etc, that you can reuse, rearrange, reposition, bend, twist, and add something simple, like rope?
I've been trying to learn Blender for this very reason but it's still hard and some skill is definitely required.

(29 Jun 2017, 23:28 )Like Ra Wrote: ...add something simple, like rope?

Rope is actually pretty hard.
Blender is one of the cases when I started it I had no idea how to proceed with anything Big Grin And still do not know. Yet it can do almost everything.
Anybody tried ?
An OpenSource painting program (also for Linux, KDE though).
I use Krita on Mate, not KDE, works fine. Great with my wacom tablet. Just doodling calms me down, almost theraputic.

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