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Delta Wave Test
Ok so we had some fun with the Theta wave test. Here I made a Delta wave and used a solid mono tone with it. No iso this time. I also use capenilli file but only the induction part that counts you down. There's no sissy stuff in this. The background music is piano guys.

The effects with delta is Drowseyness, and trance dreamy like states. It's good to help you fall asleep. 

This is recorded low and the Delta wave is 2Hz and is the most dominant sound in this recording. WATCH YOUR VOLUME LEVELs. It's low cause delta is mostly used in hypno for relaxing and helping people sleep. This is short, but the effect can be felt. 

Use your favorite spiral with this. I'm sure if I uploaded a movie Youtube would pull it and movie makers on android really suck!


Attached Files
Zonkers (1).mp3 (Size: 14.54 MB )

I only listened to this a few times after I was done with it. I felt more relaxed and drowsy. I think if this was longer and had a good script it may help with sleep or have that "knock out effect"

Ill look around and see what I can find that will work good with "listening while asleep" hypno.
Maybe ill use Bambi Sleep files for this. Someone requested that in the theta thread and Bambi dose kinda fit the theme here. Ill work on it and post it tomorrow. Im not home right now and tied up ( not actually hogged tied or anything ) right now for like 4 hours.
Well you can try this. Its bambi takeover and some subliminal bambi file right after the takeover file. Bambi's snaps are very loud and crisp. Not a lot i can do about that. I tried guessing at volume here. Its quiet but adjust the volume until you find a point to fall asleep to it. I cant really test this cause I have a hard time falling asleep to music, people talking and stuff. 

This first file is the complete version and can use this at the start of a playlist or use it during awake hours with a spiral.

BambiDeltaSleep (Full File).mp3 (Size: 52.19 MB )

This is the count down loop and can add to a playlist or just loop this file over while you sleep.

bambi Count Loop.mp3 (Size: 44.4 MB )

Ill look around for other files to fall asleep to as well.
Well i tried the loop file and sure enough I cant goto sleep with it. I did have like a numb feeling on my body and felt like I melted into the bed.
The file looped on repeat and somewhere in the middle of it I started to get an out of the body experience. It was like my sprit was tring to sit up and look around. Then I seen a first person image of a girl with her legs up bend at the knees wearing pink socks with cartoon prints. Pink satin panties on. That was unexpected. That must have been "Bambi" I guess.

If you can fall asleep to this then let me know your experience with it. It may cause some very lucid dreams. Thanks.
Ok I was able to fall asleep to the loop file. I woke up and was still playing. I had an intense urge to pee and extreme craving for coffee.

Eerrr... thats almost everytime I wake up, so I didnt notice anything at all. Didnt remember any dreams if I had any.

Might be better for a nap or just laying down for a while. Still worth a shot going to sleep to it but I only notice something so far, if I lay down and loop this 2-4 times.
Well lets try another one. This was a fav of admin and this guy is very popular. Forgot their name? WFH... TEU.... EMH... That last one sounds familar? Well anyway you will more than likely know who it is.

Loop version, Just loop this file many times. Delta wave can be felt fast but the real magic is when you spend some time with them.

Attached Files
Magic woman clothes Loop.mp3 (Size: 90.41 MB )

Here is the Delta wave only. You can mix this with your own files or just use this wave to help you sleep better.

Attached Files
DeltaSleepWave.mp3 (Size: 33.69 MB )

(13 Oct 2021, 18:03 )HypnoMix Wrote: This was a fav of admin and this guy is very popular. Forgot their name? WFH... TEU.... EMH...
Yeah, it was interesting 3 years ago - haven't listened to it since then. It's EMG 😊
(13 Oct 2021, 20:02 )Like Ra Wrote:
(13 Oct 2021, 18:03 )HypnoMix Wrote: This was a fav of admin and this guy is very popular. Forgot their name? WFH... TEU.... EMH...
Yeah, it was interesting 3 years ago - haven't listened to it since then. It's GMC 😊

Oh yeah, GMC now I remember...  😋

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