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Spanking machine
Spanking machine

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DIY Selfbondage forced Orgasm Device
Today i want to show you my self made Selfbondage Milking Device:


1: Latex Mask
2: Ballgag
3: Leather Hand Cuffs with a Metalplate to connect to E-Magnet
4: E-stim connected to the Plug and DIY Venus 2000 Conductive Liner (from Serious Kit)
5: Remote for the Timer relais that Controlls the Electro magents for the Hand cuffs (set on 20min)
6: Vacuum Pump that sucks the Reciver of the DIY Venus 2000 strong to my Penis
7: Cum Collector
8: Remote for my DIY Venus 2000 inside the Box
9: Nack Collar
10: Reciver of my DIY Venus 2000 that is inside the box. (estim liner inside the Reciver)
11: Estim Metallplug
12: Leather Foot Cuffs connected to the Box
13: Electro magnets for the Handcuffs

Detail View of the Electro Magnets

I can tell you: It has been kind of the longest 20min of my Live!!! It just fucks your Brain!
Looks amazing! But I would still like a bit more comments how it all is supposed to work. Bondage-wise, timer-wise, stimulation-wise. What were you able to reach, etc.
Ahem, I’ll just say...
The Scenario:

1: Get naked
2: Lube the Plug and Slowly take a seat on it
3: Tie up your ankles with the leathercuffs to the Box
4: Put on the leather handcuffs
5: Turn on the Vacuum pump that sucks the penis into the reciever
6: Lube penis and stuck it in the reciever
7: Put on the Latex Mask
8: Put on the Ballgag
9: Tie Neck to the Collar
10: Adjust the Estim to a Level you prefer
11: Adjust stroke and speed of the DIY Venus 2000
12: Press Trigger for the 20 min Timer, to start the electromagnets
13: Connect Metallplates of the Handcuffs to the electromagnets.

You are now completely tied up, sitting upright on the box with your hands on your back. Your ankles are tied on each side of the Box and your neck is tied to the rod. You cant move a inch. A Milkingdevice is sucking your penis and the estim stimulates your Penis and butt. For the next 20 min, all you can do is come and come and......hope that it will end soon.

I use two Strong electromagnet doorlocks, driven by a 12v akku and controlled by a simple adjustable 12v timer relais.
The akku is strong enogh to hold the Magnets for 2 hours. If something goes wrong with the Timer relais i will have 2 extreme hours but i will get free.
Some Details:

The Magnet in Action:

the Leathercuffs, i use are from my Selfbondage pillory. They are closed by Segufiy. I aeady posted them here:

A view inside the Box:

I use a modified hand bilge pump which is driven by a stong 24v Electromotor. It can go up to 250 RPM. But most time i use around 50-100 RPM otherwise i come to fast. The setup is not to complicated but it works the same way like the original Venus 2000. The parts are a strong 24v industrial motor, the bilge pump, a disc with eccentric holes for attaching the bilge pump with a rod, a frame to hold everything together, a 24v speed governor and a 24v Power suply. All in all it costs around 200-300€. It is verry quiet and sucks your Brain out.

The Session is really heavy. Every Time i start it, i hesitate very long. Shall i realy do it......the longest time i did was 20 min and i was really sweaty and my whole body was shaking afterwards.
You should market this as the “Electric Chair”. 😁
(07 Sep 2018, 14:31 )Vacbedbound Wrote: It is verry quiet and sucks your Brain out.
(07 Sep 2018, 13:24 )Vacbedbound Wrote: 1: Get naked

No, no, no, noooooo! 😊

1: get dressed in your finest fetish clothing!

(08 Sep 2018, 08:27 )madjack Wrote:
(07 Sep 2018, 13:24 )Vacbedbound Wrote: 1: Get naked

No, no, no, noooooo! 😊

1: get dressed in your finest fetish clothing!


Ok, Ok, Ok...... if i had a nice Latex Catsuit i would definitely wear that!!!!
After years i made some improvements of my selfbondage-seat.

It is a realy crazy device now and i think the pictures will make your thoughts go wild.

Look at that brain sucking electro milking selfbondage seat. Just set e timer, take a seat, adjust the restraints and enjoy several minutes of pleasure, discomfort and forced orgasms.


i padded every part with pieces of a very soft yoga matt and covered it with real leather. This makes it really comfy. It feels like you sit on a medical device . A cruel medical device. Some details: I put some latex under the cnc machined quadro-polar electro plug to not mess up the leather with the lube.


The electromagnetic restraints in action. After some tries i found the right size of magnets, so i can't pull them apart. These are so powerful, so no chance to get out of the treatment.



Instead of the Ballgag i made some tries to implement a Dildo for some special entertainment. The idea is: There is a smal swich under the dildo. If you are tied, you can only push the swich with your chin, by deepthroating the Dildo. I use a timer relais to turn on a E-Stim device every x seconds for x seconds. The Estim device is connected to some sensitive bodyparts and adjusted to a painful level. so to stop the shocks you have to performe a deepthroat for the adjusted time. Sadly it didn't work out as well as expected. I can spit out the flexible dildo and push the swich, without deepthroating the dildo. i dont have a solution for that until now.


a view from the top with the deepthroat attachment


The rubber restraints are made from textime engorced rubber stipes, that i covered with a piece of 3" bicycle tubing, that i pulled inside out. The locking pins are cnc machined from stainless steal.


a view into the latest model of my milking machine.


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