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DIY Airtight Valve / Breathing Entry
I want to share my experience with building airtight things.
I was very frustrated whenever i build a new perfect sealing bag/cocoon or something else and the only weakness was the untight air valve.

So i bought first a one-way-valve from the garden center from the hardware store. It was made of brass and only took me 10 EUR.

What i also bought were PVC pipes in the size of the one-way-valve. The gray cheap ones you use for bathroom installations. The big advantage of this pipes are, they already have a gasket in the inside.
So i took the valve an tried if its fit in the gasket side from one of the pipe an voila! It does!
You should try it before buying or you need another method to get it tight together.

I bought two 20cm pipe with both have end fittings. In the one pipe in the end fitting, the valve takes place and the other smaller side of this will be plugged in the end fitting of the second pipe.
Between this two pipes, the vinyl will be "squeezed" in.
So if you have your vinyl bag, cut one of the corner so that the pipe slightly fits in it. By plugging the 2 pipes together and squeezing the vinyl sheet between there will be an very airtight connection!


- Cheap
- Reusable (no gluing or permanent fixation)


- may not work for all materials (latex?) and not all material strengths

You could also Using this technique for building other airtight things, for example airtight breathing entrys.
For that i bought one pipe with gasket end fitting and a fitting dummy plug.
I made a hole in the dummy plug so that a breathing tube slightly fits in it. You need to apply a bit hot glue for making it tight, but at all its the same technique.

...and...sorry for my bad english ...

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I need to "add" a one-way-valve to my latex bag. I do have one (bought in an enema shop, he-he), but I need to reliably and air-tightly glue a rubber pipe to the bag.