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Just out of interest, this is Culmor, I love the place...

It's not a particularly difficult trek but get to the top alone and you'll realize how insignificant you really are.

I went away for a few days recently, ten minutes walk from my hotel and apart from tracks in the heath you saw no sign of any human habitation whatsoever. This was little more than 150 miles from London . When I was back at work I mentioned this to a colleague who looked at me askance and said 'On, no, I wouldn't like that. That would be really scary'. And yet she'll happily wander around central london of an evening, where I'd be really uncomfortable. Alone on a blasted heath there's nothing that can hurt you (excepting the verrrry unlikely event that you step on an adder). Iin Piccadilly every other passer-by is trying to shaft you. Odd how people's perceptions vary...

I'm off walking in another range of hills from Monday for five days so I won't post much till next weekend,

I love mountains. Beautiful landscape!
(04 Sep 2010, 13:13 )culmor Wrote: This was little more than 150 miles from London .

Hi Culmor hate to be a 'gain sayer' ('No gain sayer I' - 100 bonus points if you can name where that quote is from!) but...

If this is the Cul Mor I know of it's a little over 620 Miles from London, not 150!

Lovely spot though

'I went away for a few days recently, ten minutes walk from my hotel...'

Ah, but that was not a trip to Cul Mor...;-)
I see, this is this place:
Aha! You're back!
Yes, I've been to to North Wales, I needed to see mountains again...I can now tick the merganser off my list...
Merganser? A duck?
Exactly so, a duck of rocky mountain rivers and streams.

Which list this type of duck was on? (E.g. to eat, to see, to make a photo of, to play bondage games with, etc?)

BTW, Nemain Ravenwood is a big fan of ducks ;-)