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Crotch rope
Hummm that has serious potential to wear under clothing... thinking of going to dinner or a movie?

Jerry 8)
Jerry Wrote:Hummm that has serious potential to wear under clothing... thinking of going to dinner or a movie?
Yep! Quite comfortable (if not overtightened) and exciting. If worn on top of clothes (eg pantyhose-leotard), peeing is rather impossible Wink )
Big Grin Have one for girls?
luciden Wrote:Confusedhock:
Big Grin Have one for girls?
Unfortunately for men, karada and crotch rope have one-way compatibility only: whatever works for a man will work for a woman, but not vice versa Big Grin
I wish someone would come and do that to me
Hi ra,
I just wanted to thank you for this one, i'm wearing it right now, and it's really comfortable.
It's just what i needed to keep my dildo inserted in my ass.

Is there a way similar to this one that also makes the plug/ dildo move? But i still want to be able to walk outside without anyone noticing...

Thanks in advance!
Move? Hm... Don't think so, the idea is to make it stay in place. But if you wind the rope around the base of the dildo, I think you can make it move. Need to experiment...
I absolutely love this crotch rope and wear it all the time. Its perfect with or without a plug. When using a plug, you can really draw it in deep and keep it there.

I also love how constricting it is. I like mine tied very tight.
Dressed up and tied down Blush
I tried this the first chance I got. I'm not wearing anything under it because it kept slipping on my shorts. I used the Crotch Rope 1 that's posted on the site, but i did mod it a bit. I had some pretty long loose ends when i finish, so I backed up to step nine and bound by bits with the rope as well. I'm willing to post pictures or send them privately.

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