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Cecilia de Rafael Mercurio 60?
Does anyone own a pair of these? They look like they'd feel amazing!
Unlike some other designs (e.g. Wolford Satin de Luxe) The hi-rez photo does not look very impressive:

Mercurio_WEB_l.jpg thumbnail   

unlike the description:

Quote:A great addition to our growing selection of satin gloss opaque tights. The finish on the Mercurio 60's add the bam to those boring mate tights you see every where. An ultra smooth finish and clingy yarn in a sheer to waist design.

Probably if they had used direct light it would look completely different.
I would say they have more interesting (judging only by photos!) models. Like the seamless or shiny ones:

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This guy sells very interesting (and sometimes very rare) stuff: store: sanek20