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Building a post orgasm machine
Hi everyone,

I’ve built a system to control a magic wand through an Arduino ( and meant to use it to achieve something elusive to me: solo post orgasm torture.

However, vibrations just don’t do it for me. It’s just annoying after orgasm, but nowhere near a “torture”. So I guess I have to go the friction route, which seems trickier. 

Not wanting to spend a wad of cash on a Venus 2000 or similar, I could either buy something like this or I build one myself:
which is rotational and not longitudinal. If I end up buying it, I’ll strip the internals (except the motor) and drive it myself through something similar to the first link. Electronics and software aren’t the problem here. 

What’s puzzling me is how to attach this securely and simply, assuming I’m lying on my back spread eagle. It has to be pretty well anchored there if indeed it does work as a post orgasm torture device [Image: icon_wink.gif]

I don’t have access to woodworking or metallurgic equipment, so that narrows it down a bit. I was thinking a contraption made of plumbing pipes to hold it where it needs to be, but that would be pretty bulky. Another idea I had was some custom 3D printed parts to hold a horizontal platform in which a hole could hold the device, but that would require pretty big parts which I couldn’t make unless I get it done by some company. 

Am I overthinking this? I’d really like to hear what you folks think!

either tie/glue some anchors around the circumference of the masturbators head and then clip them to a harness??
you could always 3d print a collar instead that clamps on and you strap it in place this way??
For the venus like part, you don't need that Ali head.
I build one myself using latex sheets glued on an old heavy plastic bottle.  But this coud be replace by any PVC tube around 7cm diameter.
You'll need something similar to a strapon harness with a hole to hold it while "not in the mood", but this could be done with some rope work.  (example : )

By my experience, the suction win even after, but I did not tried it up to the "torture".

For now, I don't have a suction mechanism as I connect the bottle to a full latex mask+mouth tube.  I added a bunch of hole in the bottle to let air in and my own breath is the pump 😉 . (That's why I did not used it on long session 😁 )

So the following is just thought but for the suction part, you could build a piston out a either another bottle or a modified bicycle pump (so it goes both way) but I'm not sure this last one is big enough.  You would need a bit of calculation to establish the volume of air needed between the two states.  Then it's only a matter of having a motor to connect the moving part to it (vilebrequin)
Or you could use an air pump but it would need the be pretty fast.
@swswl I've got a decently large 3d printer... about 16" x 16".  If you want to commission something to be printed, I would be happy to discuss it with you.  The last thing I made on it was actually a device to hold a magic wand and allow me to add nylon straps to it so I could buckle it on myself.

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