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Booty Sculpted (Etsy)
Since I haven't seen these folks mentioned here before.

Their "thing" is dye sublimation printing on a relatively small range of actual clothing patterns, though they've been increasing their range over time.  The leggings pattern is particularly good if you have a bit of a waist (hips, padding, etc.) They've also been adding a growing range of 'interesting' materials; their shiny black PVC in particular has been really nice (and surprisingly durable) so far.

The fabric they print on is a bit heavier than your average lycra, so it has a nice feel and plenty of stretch. Construction is OK, though I'd be happy if they were to copy some of the 'real' sportswear manufacturers (e.g. 2XU) when it comes to stitching, as a few times I've wanted just a biiit more give.  😊 Still good-to-very-good IMO. Sizing has been pretty true.

Print quality is excellent; really good penetration and so far it's been holding up well in the washer. This means you don't wind up with such washed-out colors when the fabric stretches (see any of the Chinese D.Va costumes, for contrast). Important if you're going for that snug fit.

I was a bit put off by their use of 3D models rather than photography of the actual item, but so far I haven't been disappointed by the actual item.  Shipping from Bulgaria to California has typically been 5-7 days from ordering.

Ok. Good to know.
I’m in Calif. As well.

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