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Best way to broadcast live video?
Ok folks.

Earlier i use, but now they demands to send a picture of my passport to proof my identification, which i am NOT going to send. So, which alternatives ways are to broadcast my selfbondage scenarios?
Probably it's easier to install streaming software on you home computer. Or make a video and upload it to, say, xtube.
Find a service online to broadcast on. In order to stream live from your webcam, you will need to sign up with a streaming host. The host will provide the bandwidth that will allow you to share your stream with others. All streaming services will require you to create an account with them in order to stream. All offer a free account option, and many offer paid accounts that remove ads and increase the number of viewers you can have.
When Cam4 is not working for you you might want to try out Chaturbate. The let you stream without verification. At least until someone reports you for being underage ... than they´ll ban you. Not much to loose though. Have streamed there a couple of times! There is even one girl that is always in full bondage when streaming. Fun to watch her struggling around.
Thanks for the advice Anallana. I tested chaturbate and it works well. Smile

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