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House of self-bondage
House of self-bondage
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Baton twirling.
A skirted leotard, shiny tights, boots, the outfit can be very like a figure skating one, I think.

Here's Yuka demonstrating the similarities:

 01.jpg     02.jpg     03.jpg     04.jpg     05.jpg     06.jpg     07.jpg     08.jpg     09.jpg     10.jpg     11.jpg     12.jpg     13.jpg     14.jpg     15.jpg     16.jpg     17.jpg     18.jpg     19.jpg     20.jpg   

(19 Mar 2011, 10:35 )culmor Wrote: A skirted leotard, shiny tights, boots, the outfit can be very like a figure skating one, I think.

Here's Yuka demonstrating the similarities:

And very sexy looking too!

I love the fact that cheerleaders almost always appear in groups (lots of lovely long legged girls - yes please!) and my personal preference for tan coloured pantyhose is well supported!

Nice one Culmor 😊

Looks very sexy indeed 😁
@ MadJack, LockedBoots
You know it's a trap, right?

Of course, it's a trap, what else to expect from you? 😁
Trap or not, I don't care...

Sexy can be many things - conforming to the norm is no fun at all!

I've never pretended that images of my fetish favorites (bondage, lycra, pantyhose, mummification, etc) that I find erotic can and do contain people of any gender or race - regardless of my personal orientation.

(21 Mar 2011, 20:56 )madjack Wrote: contain people of any gender or race

I would add age. As long as the subject looks good.

Recently I spotted a girl in a big shopping centre. Black very short mini skirt, black opaque tights, tight top with long sleeves, good legs, perfect figure. When I got closer I almost oooohed loudly - the girl was around 60yo!

If the skin and face is covered, age, face, race and even gender (in some cases) become not important.