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BarbaCojePutitas file index
(08 Dec 2023, 15:08 )Like Ra Wrote: You beat me to it. I was going to post such a thread for months!  Thanks much!

I had fun creating it. It's incomplete yet and it might be missing some files. I'm happy for hints on any mistake or missing file.

I was contemplating listening to Fucked Up Girl and was looking for information... and was unable to find it quickly. So it was obvious that such an index thread would be an improvement.
I was one of the Bambis used by BCP.

I have never felt as used, I was a Bambi condom and I did some despicable things to myself to please BCP.
The files are brutal.
Another point - I love your classification idea! This should be added to all other threads!

(09 Dec 2023, 22:00 )JaneSintimes Wrote: I was one of the Bambis used by BCP.

I have never felt as used, I was a Bambi condom and I did some despicable things to myself to please BCP.
The files are brutal.

Which files? And... was it a good or a bad experience?
I have dropped BarbaCojePutitas a line on reddit and asked about those 5 files which I don't have any description about. I hope I will hear back from him.
I was quite involved with BCP for some months. Obviously am only speaking for myself and others may have had a different time (I don't know what he was banned for), but, my experience was positive.

When I brought up issues with him, he pulled back and addressed them, no pushyness. He also would often check-in on my wellbeing and consent (which I didn't realise initially, as he did so with some subtlety to keep the 'dangerous scary stranger' mystique of our early interactions. But he had been doing so right from the start). He clearly shares my kink for the forceful style of hypno, but this was separate to his outside-of-kink personality with me (which was considerate and empathetic).

This isn't to undermine anyone else's experience. It's possible that he was different with others. It's also possible that we fit well together, whilst others clashed - given how edgeplay has some risk, "fly too close to the sun" and all that.

Anyway. There's definitely some more files, but better to get from him directly if you do get a reply subdream - as I don't remember well which of mine have personal edits!

These files?
e.g. One of my favourites is Mental Assault, but can't find mention of this one online.
(18 Dec 2023, 01:53 )dustymoon1 Wrote:

These files?

Clicked the link:

 Screenshot_20231218_081701_Firefox Beta.jpg   

"Made in Vietnam" 🤣
(18 Dec 2023, 09:19 )Like Ra Wrote:
(18 Dec 2023, 01:53 )dustymoon1 Wrote:
These files?
Clicked the link:
"Made in Vietnam" 🤣

I didn't make the page - just found it...

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