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Ayus-zentai forum is closing down
I send an email to Ayus-Zentai forum admin suggesting to move the Zentai forum to this site. It would be nice to get the forum archive as well, I hate to lose information. Let's see what they say. 


Quote:Time to say goodbye

Dear Zentai Enthusiasts,

After many years of serving the Zentai community, it is time to say goodbye. Over the last 18 months, the site has seen a steady decline in activity and combined with the rise of mainstream social media, dedicated forums such as this no longer have the need they once had. So, the end of January will see the closure of the Ayus Zentai forum.

So, where to go? I recommend having a look at FetLife - regrettably we were unable to come to an arrangement where we could point our domains to the Zentai group on FetLife - we didn't feel it was appropriate to point domains to a login page.

What will become of the Ayus domains? We will be replacing the site with a blog style site to become a resource for Zentai but it will not have a proper forum anymore.

Thank-you to all of our active members - enjoy Zentaiing, and look forward to hopefully seeing you somewhere online!!

~ emjx
Sad to see it go.
Like Alterboy, it was a fun site.
I wonder if it's possible to save at least something from it. As it often happens, most pictures are already unavailable.

As for fetlife... To be honest, I do not "believe" in fetlife. It's ridiculously unorganised, unstructured and not supported by the owners.
No response from the site admins. I take it they do not care.