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Any current USA pantyhose shopping suggestions?
I have decided to continue to wear pantyhose 24/7 now. Any suggestions on where to buy good less expensive pantyhose in the USA other than the usual mass market places? 

I love wearing ballet tights the best but are a bit expensive to continually wear under clothes. I am 6'.0" tall and weigh about 195 lb and expect to lose 10 lbs this year. 

I would like to experiment and most colors work for me.
JC Penney has great sheer tights. Kinda like a workout tight. Price is good. I wear them a lot and have had good luck with durability. Good hunting!
Check out ebay but before you buy copy and paste the ones interested in and do a online search to see if your getting the best price for your money. Found out ebay at times is cheaper for the same item other times is to much compared with price and shipping
Check out this Ebay store.... store: simplyclassichosiery
I am in the US as well and I have placed several orders with them. Their prices are great and shipping is free! For example... You can get a pair of Cdr Sevillas for $9.95 usd.
(21 Aug 2017, 16:43 )nylonluv Wrote: Check out this Ebay store.... store: simplyclassichosiery
I like their prices (e.g. CdR "Vidrio" Tongue), but shipping is $17.62 to NL. A bit too much for a "standard brief"...
Looks like the same shop, but the name is "just a bit" different: store: Simply-Classic-Hosiery

Nice price for CdR Uppsala.

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