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About to complete a session... need some last minute help
Hey everyone,

Im just planning a session and stuck on what to do for a few things and know someonr here will have a great answer. So heres what i have first.

I am going to be fully bound on bed from head to toe and cant really move on bed with a anal hook in my ass attached to me or the bed with a lock in between. I have 2 keys which i need to get so i can be free...

I think what i want to do with the last lock which is have a 1.25L bottle of cider which will be hanging on a pulley with a key on other end. I will have  tube going from bottle to my mouth. Also i will have a tube going from my cock to the bottle. So i need to drink everything to lower the key but if i need to pee it will start to full back up. When i get this key it will fully release me.

I just need ideas for first lock... mabye attached the 100 pegs i just got to me and something. I have to pull myself from the pegs to move and get the key.

Please any help would be great.

Not to sure about what you mean by 100 pegs?
Can you explain a bit more about the pegs?