Eye-bleeding shiny stuff

To make your eyes hurt you do not necessarily need “red on green” or “blue on red”. Even this monochrome shiny latex girl (yes, it’s a girl wearing latex dress and transparent latex tights, it’s not an explosion) may temporarily damage your sight.

So, do not click on the photo. You’re warned!

4 thoughts on “Eye-bleeding shiny stuff”

  1. Wow! when you look at the picture you try to focus on something and my eyes are bleeding 😛

    The title has something that call my attention great photo

  2. I’m guessing a light tent made out of tin foil, and blue gels on the flash heads?

  3. It can be anything. For example, it could be a “flat” coloured background, which was replaced in, say, Photoshop with a photo of a small piece of tin foil. Then the colour was removed from anything except the model’s face, where it was subdued a bit. Then the whole image was tinted blue.

  4. Deeply weird!

    I find it starts to detract from the subject matter – I guess it’s along the same lines as surrealism in art, you either like it or you don’t


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