How do people from different part of the world bind themselves? Just search the Internet using the word “self-bondage” in another language.

In many languages people simply transliterate the English “self-bondage”. For example, in Japanese it will be “Serufu-bonteji”.

Language Translation Meaning, Comments
English self-bondage
Dutch zelfbondage self-bondage
German Selbstfesselung self-fettering
Russian селфбондаж
transliteration of self-bondage
Japanese 自縛
self-lashing (borrowed from Chinese)
transliteration of self-bondage
Chinese 自縛 self-lashing
Czech samosvazováni self-binding
Bulgarian самообездвижване self-restriction
France l’auto-bondage self- or auto-bondage
Italian self bondage
Swedish självbondage self–bondage
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