Site statistics 2008

From 01 January 2008 to 31 December 2008

Visits: 300,000
Absolute uniques: 200,000+
Page views: ~3,000,000
Alexa rating: 191,104
Monthly traffic: 30GB
Blog entries: 218 (2008), 478 (total)
Static pages: 228
Countries (top10):

1. United States 102,437 34.17%
2. United Kingdom 36,853 12.29%
3. Germany 35,176 11.73%
4. Canada 14,901 4.97%
5. Netherlands 11,652 3.89%
6. France 9,942 3.32%
7. Australia 7,825 2.61%
8. Japan 6,935 2.31%
9. Russia 5,897 1.97%
10. Belgium 4,742 1.58%
(177 countries in total)

7 thoughts on “Site statistics 2008”

  1. i think you need to encourage more chat in your forums and on topics, if youre getting that many views, you should make more people talk 🙂

  2. It would be great if more people did contribute, but it is down to the individual and their choice to speak or not.

    I think it was Mark Twain who is often quoted as saying something like ‘..there is a book inside every man, and for most, it should stay there..’

    Let’s hope that 2009 is the year of the forum


  3. Most visitors come for pictures, what is quite understandable. What I really doubt is the 90/10 rule (only 10% of visitors leave comments).

    10% from 200,000 absolute uniques is 20,000 😉

    OK, let’s stick to ~5,000 “permanent” readers who visited the site more than 200 times.

    10% from 5,000 is 500

    Hey, where are you? ;-D

  4. And another point. I have asked many times how the site (content, design, navigation, etc.) can be improved, but got no response.

    I do have quite a few “action items” in my TODO list, but I’m always open to any suggestions/criticism especially if it might increase the “users participation”.

  5. for the posting: i think that most people are sort of hesitant to do this because we arent exactly encouraging it that well (at least for me this was true) it took me a while to start posting

    maybe if we could say “please leave comments” on each one or something

  6. Clammy wrote:
    … we arent exactly encouraging it that well …
    maybe if we could say “please leave comments” on each one or something

    Not exactly true. Periodically I do write something like:”What do you think? Do you have any ideas? What is your opinion?” Just check the selfbondage section.

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