Like Ra in latex catsuit, latex mask and high heels
Like Ra's Naughty Playground

Session 19

I would call this session a horizontal strappado or at least "a kind of a strappado". The idea was to keep my hands (bound behind my back) as high as possible, while restraining myself from wiggling out of this position. Time in bondage: 3h.

The chosen clothes and tools:

I started with laying out all the necessary stuff on my bed.
One ice-padlock was attached to the head frame of the bed ("North", or N) and the second to the leg frame ("South" or S). I put a knife two meters away from the bed.

This is a close-up of the Special Ring Device connected to the N-bed frame with the N-ice-padlock.

The latex sheath was hold in place with a leather cock&ball harness. The sheath was connected to the gag built in the closed latex hood.

Then I put on Danskin Ultrashimmery and Oroblu Eclatant pantyhose, inserted the butt-plug (with some efforts - it's big!) and began pulling up the latex leotard (lubricated, of course) while keeping the rubber tubing straight and not twisted.

Next steps:

Inserted left wrist into the wrist coil...

... threw the cynch noose over the coil, inserted my right wrist into the coil from the opposite direction, twisted my hands together and pulled the cynch noose close.

Grabbed the pull cord...

... and pulled on it simultaneously lifting my hands toward the "North".

Time to have some rest.

This is what it looked like from the front

I still could use my hands to help me into a sitting position.

Then I pulled some more...

This is the most extreme position I could reach alone.

This is the result:

Two hours or so later, the S-padlock gave up. BUT I managed to spill the water with melting ice onto the latex sheeting! So I was laying bound in a pool of ice-cold water! What a predicament!

After long waiting (it did feel like a LOOOOOOONG waiting!) I could pull the ropes out of the N-padlock, got off the bed, crawled still blindfolded and bound to the knife and cut the wrist coil open.

3 hours in bondage was not long enough, so I got into my rubber bag and spent the rest of the night nicely cocooned.