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DIY Ice Timelock
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Update 16 aug 2007: Please see new version Ice padlock 3

You can not always rely upon the "Ice in stocking" method. What if your hands go numb? What if the ring is stuck? What if you are not able to reach the keys or the knife?

This padlock can be used almost everywhere. To tie up or down you hands, elbows, legs, to release you after "self-inflicted" strappado, to name a few.

The device is ridiculously simple, effective, yet reliable. Here's what you need:

Double each shoe-lace and tie the ends in big knots . Do NOT bind the laces together!!!

Put the laces into the plastic bottle (knots first) leaving the loops outside.

This is how the lock should look now.

Now use your common sense. For example, you can bind one loop to a bed frame, and the second one to the cinch noose. You will be bound to the bed until the ice completely melts down.