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Men in pantyhose (photos)
(04 Mar 2011, 10:20 )rubberwhore Wrote: How does this Amey make his legs look so plump and sexy? I wish I could make my legs and bum look that plump. I mean I amost don't beleive he is a transvestite, or he he becoming a she and on hormones?

Tastes differ ;-) I could not find anything sexy at all. OK, except pantyhose ;-)
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Some excellent tucks...

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Halloween at Hooters...

3869388501_0fb05124bc_b.jpg thumbnail    3873025002_0c27b26ca1_b.jpg thumbnail    3873984911_b4e0b137b7_b.jpg thumbnail   
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Hmm, bit of a theme emerging here, Carolina Baily:

fp_3263085_barm_tranny_madonna_excl_071309.jpg thumbnail    fp_3263218_barm_tranny_madonna_excl_071309.jpg thumbnail    fp_3263218_barm_tranny_madonnacl_071309.jpg thumbnail    fp_3263220_barm_tranny_madonna_excl_071309.jpg thumbnail    fp_3263221_barm_tranny_madonna_excl_071309.jpg thumbnail    fp_3263222_barm_tranny_madonna_excl_071309.jpg thumbnail    fp_3263223_barm_tranny_madonna_excl_071309.jpg thumbnail   

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I think about splitting this thread into "Men in tights" and "TV's and drag queens in tights".
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These shiny seamed hose are sold by Gerbe and are apparently stronger and thicker than the Wolford ones we all know and love...

Gerbe.jpg thumbnail   
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Checking Gerbe site... (fantastic leotard, BTW)
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I am introducing myself , my name is maid_woman and i am a superherione who fight against cruel villains and villainess , pictures from my first mission, i challenge to all villains and villainess of the forum to add me to msn ( ) if had the courage Wink

[Image: th_873706434_11_123_444lo.jpg] [Image: th_873724669_02_123_389lo.jpg] [Image: th_873733468_03_123_38lo.jpg]
[Image: th_873742803_04_123_236lo.jpg] [Image: th_873749564_05_123_146lo.jpg] [Image: th_187376143_06_123_194lo.jpg]
[Image: th_873771786_07_123_208lo.jpg] [Image: th_187377918_08_123_31lo.jpg] [Image: th_873788997_09_123_532lo.jpg]
[Image: th_873796475_10_123_553lo.jpg]
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Hi maid_woman Big Grin

maidwoman.jpg thumbnail   
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(04 Apr 2011, 04:33 )culmor Wrote: Hi maid_woman Big Grin

Hi culmor Wink , yes this is a art drawing made by my friend SuperGal, we are togheter bound . Sorry for my english is my second language
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