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Pantyhose loops

Originally posted by a man who does not wish his name to be known, for he is a pervert

A method I devised for binding my wrists tight enough to where I could not free myself immediately is to get a pair of tights (regular hose works too, but if it's cheap hose then it'll stretch really thin and make your wrists hurt something awful) and put something heavy in one leg, such as a ball of some sort.

Then, you step on the ball in the end of one leg, and start wrapping both wrists together by tying the other end of the hose around one wrist. when you have about a foot or two of hose left, let the ball end dangle and start moving your arms so that the ball wraps around between your wrists. Then, you can step on the ball again and cinch the loops together by pulling as hard as you can (or want to).

If you repeat the ball-looping enough, then the elasticity of the hose and the presence of the ball prevents you from loosening the bond, so the only way of freeing yourself is to make the ball flip over your bound wrists in order to unravel the wrist cinching. This works well for cinching your wrists behind your back, which to me is a lot more erotic than binding my wrists in front of me (can't get to the nipple clamps that way :)

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