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Mummification using a pole
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Posted by eroticduke  on Thu Nov 20, 2003 10:58 pm 

I have discovered an interesting way to wrap yourself (as tightly as you dare) using stretch palette wrap. I'm sure saran is good to but palette wrap is much stronger. You will need a pole or pillar (usually found in the basement as a support for the house). You will also need a utility knife (to cut yourself out)...I'll explain later. A mattress is usually a good idea because you will need someplace to "tip over" without hurting yourself, which I highly recommend.

First, wrap your legs, arms and torso'll see why this is difficult to get out of later. Insert whatever "toys" you wish or clippy clampy things you like. Take a utility knife (blade retracted) and tape it to the inside of you leg. This will be your escape...but not without a lot of struggling.

Next, take the roll of wrap and start at the base of the pole (secure the beginning edge to the pole with a little masking tape to hold it there as you start). Start wrapping the pole from the bottom up by walking around it with the roll of wrap essentially sealing the pole. Make several overlapping wraps as you go up to about where your neck would be. DO NOT wrap your head or neck unless you have a partner there! Now, start back down the pole until you are down to about thigh height. Tear the roll off at this point.

Now, this is where you will start wrapping yourself. Take the loose edge and lay it over your wrapped thigh, it will stick, trust me. Now, all you simply have to do is put your arms down by your side (behind you if you are quite adventurous) and start walking around the pole in the opposite direction that you wrapped the pole. The wrap will secure your arms to your body as you walk around. The more you "pull" away from the pole, the tighter it will get. As it unravels, it will travel up to the neck height and then back down. Now the reason it's done this way is you need to be able to walk around the pole. As the wrap continues back down your torso, it will eventually wrap your knees, calves and ankles, clearly making it more difficult to walk. This is why you need the mattress relatively close by to tip over on. A cement floor is not nearly as soft if you fall.

When you have finished orgasming, you will need to work your hands to the inside of your thigh to get to the utility knife to cut yourself free. Trust me on this, it's not that easy with your arms behind your back. You may want to try this first without pre-wrapping your arms. Still difficult but much more attainable. Let me know what you think.

Posted by palletwrapmummy on Mon Jun 14, 2004 7:14 pm

I really don't have any pillars to do the self wrap but have come up with another that works quite well. You need a length of about 2 inch (or larger) PVC pipe and a length of bungee cord. You transfer the pallet wrap to the PVC pipe, paying attention to the pattern, up & down as you wish. You can then thread the bungee cord (available in any length from hardware stores) through the PVC pipe and attach the ends at the top and bottom of a convenient door. Use the end of the door near the hinges, and hang the roll on the hinge side, threading the loose end of the wrap through the crack between the door and the jam. You may have to use some ingeniuty to get good tension and position on the pipe. Then start the wrapping. You can do legs and torso without this scheme and just use this for the overarm wrapping.

Posted by subby on Thu Jun 10, 2004 7:18 pm

I actually tried the large object approach today with 2 rolls of cling wrap (300 ft) First off all, even though I thought that my breasts would provide some room for breathing, I wrapped myself so tight that I was getting light headed and could only take short breaths. Also I wrapped a small amount of film around a pole and bound my arms (like a sleeve but plastic wrap). Finally I secured my hands using some homeade rope cuffs. After completing all this (after I had gone through all the wrapping process) I noticed that my arms were falling asleep (they were behind my back since they were bound and wrapped in a plastic sleeve) I also had inserted a good sized butt plug that I kept in place with a crotch rope. Luckily I didn't use a vibrator on the other side because I would never have gotten out. Anyways, I wrote this to warn that YOU CAN GET STUCK USING THIS TECHNIQUE!!! I got stuck! I could barely breathe and couldn't feel my arms. Luckily I was able to call 911 and have emergency vehicles come! This is a very dangerous technique, please use with more caution than I did. This all took about 30 minutes as well, just to give you an idea of what you may be looking at when thinking about a safe person. I thought I'd be able to last at least an hour and a half. No.

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