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venus 2000 controller help
I am going to get some play time in February so it is time to plan ahead. My thought it to create a way to control the speed of my V2K over the course of a session.

What I have come up with is tying the speed of the V2K to pull on nipple clamps. More pull is more pain but slower stroking and visa-versa.

The thought is using an arduino with an ultrasonic distance sensor tied to a servo. If the sensor is mounted behind me it should read my proximity so the closer I am the more I am pulling on the clamps.

I tried drawing what I am thinking but art is way below the bottom of my talents. Anyways I was hoping for advice/ suggestions while I build this and I will share photos along the way. I have time to test and adjust along the way.

What I do have is a basic Arduino Uno kit with a sensor and a servo but if there is a simpler way I am open to anything.
Ok, let’s see if I got this right.
You want to control the speed of your V2k based on thethe pulling on your nipples.
Is that correct?
That is correct my thought was to connect a servo to the speed knob on the V2k . With an ultrasonic sensor mounted behind me, as I put more tension on the clamps I would get closer to the sensor and slow down the V2k and visa versa. I think It would work but was hoping for some more experienced help/ advice before I dive in.
What you can do, is a bit more simpler and cost less.

Connect a stick or rod to your speed control. Set it so that you can connect a string or fishing line to it. Connect the line to nipple clamps through a loop, eyelet or pully on a wall. Connect a spring to the speed control.

As you sit on your V2k, the spring keeps the speed of your V2k on high. As you pull away from the wall, the nipple clamps pull on your nipples.
The line that connects your clamps to the speed control.
The more you pull, the slower the V2k runs, and your nipples will hurt.
The less you pull, the faster the V2k runs.

Following me?
I follow you. Thanks Tinker, I tend to overthink things. That sound easy to set up.
Your not the only one, believe me. I do the same thing all the time.

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