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the gate clicks closed
I insert a silicone, put on a pair of Leggs lycra pantyhose and pull them up. I put a junior baseball cup between my legs, then step into a tight thong leotard. I pull the thong leotard up to hold both the cup and the silicone in place. Next, I put on a bra and a second pair of pantyhose, and step into a long-sleeve light-blue turtle-neck zipper-back leotard. I put on a third pair of tights, followed by a size small blue Speedo zipper-back swimsuit. Over all this, I put on an incredibly shiny hot-pink Stevi Brooks tank leotard.

Finally, I put on a white double-layered "angel" unitard costume which zips up the back, has an arc of heat-fused rhinestones across the chest and has fine white tulle "wings" sewn along the shoulders and upper arms. The pink leotard can be seen slightly showing through under the white unitard, and the baseball cup gives a feminine appearance between my legs.

I put on a pair of shoes with three inch heels. These shoes are a little small, and they have a strap running between the long toe and the big toe, so that when the ankle straps are closed there's no way to get out of them without opening the strap. It is a little awkward, because the pantyhose is bunched up by the strap between my toes, but at least the layers of pantyhose make the shoes a little more wearable.

I place many loops of soft rope separately around each of my wrists, and cover each set of loops with some layers of cling film (to prevent me from freeing my wrists by slipping one strand of the rope at a time over my hand).

I prepare a length of cling film, and by folding it over many times and stretching it out each time, I make a strong cord about two feet long. I prepare a pink ribbon about 60 inches long, and tie its ends together. Over the knot, I attach the centre of the cord made from cling film, so that there are now two lengths of cling film a little less than a foot long coming from the ribbon. I place the pink ribbon around my waist and pull the cling film cords back between my legs.

I set my front door on the latch and step outside. It is quite late at night. I close the door, and go down the stairs. Once I reach ground level, I place my wrists together behind my back and slide the cling film cords up, one inside each of my wrist loops. Next, I cross the cords over so that each descends through the opposite wrist loop. Finally, I pull the cling film cords tight and knot them together so that the knot can't be opened with my fingers (because as the cling film stretches, it becomes too hard at the knot point).

I walk towards the side gate, which opens from the inside of the apartment complex but requires a key to re-enter from the other side. I open the gate and step through. I hold the gate open, waiting and listening. All is quiet. I feel the loops holding my wrists down and close together behind my back, and I feel the ribbon riding up a little but not too tightly. I feel nice and comfortable, and the spandex encloses me warmly despite the cool evening air.

I take a step away from the gate, letting go for a second, but I lose my nerve and step back in time to prevent it closing. I look down at myself in this white "angel" unitard, knowing that the only way I can get out of it is to return home and cut the cling film cord to release my wrists. I know that I don't want to be caught dressed like this. My heart is beating as I imagine what would happen. Before I know it, I have taken two steps away from the gate. Again, I chicken out, and go to catch the gate before it swings shut. But I had forgotten my high heels, so I am a little too slow, and the gate just slips from my fingers.

I hear a "click" as the gate latches closed. I panic, pulling on the gate handle, but it is locked. I don't have the key. I look down at myself. I can't believe I have put myself in this sissy situation. The only way to get home now it to walk around to the main entrance, along the main road. This is reality, not some fantasy. I'm such an idiot. There's no way I'm not going to get caught!

Suddenly, I am overwhelmed by how submissive I feel. I try to get my hands around to touch myself, but the ribbon between my legs prevents it and I only succeed in giving myself a tighter wedgie. I feel myself become turgid, but the baseball cup between my legs prevents anything further. It is incredibly frustrating to be kept chaste and confined like this, especially dressed in such pretty spandex.

I know I can't stay hiding in the shadows near the gate all night, so I decide to start walking. My high heels click loudly on the sidewalk, echoing off the houses as I pass. I know that I don't sound like a girl as I walk, as I am very tentative. I have to walk carefully so as to keep my balance with my wrists bound behind my back. I look down at myself, in high heels and a shimmery white unitard with a pink ribbon around my waist running between my legs, and realize that I'm trapped as a complete sissy. I arch my back as the submissiveness overwhelms me once again, and I pull hard on the ribbon, succeeding only in pressing the silicone even deeper.

Progress is slow, and I pass many houses. Eventually, I reach the intersection with the main road. There is a car waiting there, and I wait for it to pass. When the coast is clear, I step out onto the sidewalk alongside the main road. I feel so exposed, walking along like this. I can't believe I put myself in this sissy situation. The silicone feels huge inside me as the cup presses firmly between my legs, quelling me. I concentrate on walking, putting one food mincingly in front of the other as I concentrate on keeping my balance, since I know it would be very difficult for me to get back up while wearing my high heels when my wrists are tied behind me like this.

I hear the distant sound of a car approaching. My heart leaps into my throat and it is all I can do to prevent myself from running. There is still a long ways to go before I reach the entrance. Luckily, I see the headlights of the car stop at the traffic lights, giving me a little more time. I reach the entrance, and take a shortcut, stepping across the grass to avoid being seen. The car is still waiting at the lights, but I am in plain view as I cross the grass. I hope they don't see me. I walk quickly past the rows of garages until I reach the gate, then return quickly home, my heart still beating quite fast. It is a relief to be able to cut the cling film cord which had held me captive.

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