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testruns ab-board
As it is only a test, only playgear was used:
long lycra running pants
long armed lycra leotard
ankle cuffs
neoprene/velcro wrist cuffs
neoprene waist support belt
a couple of meters rope.

First 30 minute test (dark picture, sorry):
the load on the knees is too much, your knees get painfull very soon.
The position gives too much stress on your lower back, it hurts very fast; very, very unpleasant feeling.
Anklecuffrope cuts in my shoulder. Quit after 20 minutes, the pain in my back was too much, needed a long time to recuperate.

Second 30 minute test
the position is better, no knee problems, no (only slight) lower back problems.
The stress on the shoulders is no problem. I just need to figure out how to get my elbows a little more together, I feel like I have too much freedom.
The rope from the anklecuffs now runs under my shoulder, but I get the feeling my ankles are drawn that way instead of being centered.

It is all a test needs to be, next will be a one hour test without escape.
It is pretty immobile, that is what I am looking for. The position is not really comfortable, but not really uncomfortable either.
I got really warm, I was sweating very much, I will use a bladder for hydration next attempts. Don't think I will use my latex catsuit but unsure.

But it will have to wait, a friend called to go climbing. I like that gear...

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After 3 hours of climbing I was too exhausted to try that position again. So I tried a little more relaxed position that I knew I could hold for an hour

Gear: Tens unit hooked to my tablet with a playlist with 2 soundfiles and a whole lot of empty soundfiles. The intensity was close to torture. + connected to my dick, the negative to a tenspad just above my bladder, covered by the waistband.
Inflatable butt plug
Locked cuffs to wrist and ankles
Timed device set to 1 hour (+10 minutes set-up)
Rope to tie my ankles

What was good:
Due to the randomness of the electro-torture you build up fear for what is coming. You know it will come, you know you can't predict when and you know it will HURT. (as you might notice in one of the pictures)
I really couldn't escape, wich was good.
The position is relatively comfortable. Still ad one time I took the box in my hands to check on the time. 40 Minutes had passed, it was a relief.

What could be better:
the randomness of the playlist was toying with me: a couple of times it played both audiofiles a few times after each other with no empty files in between. That is a couple of minutes intense, intense pain. It made me want to stop. But I couldn't. That was the intention after all... But it made me regret my decision a couple of times. But not in the end.
The ballgag does not stop you from screaming. And I screamed. But it adds a lot of saliva in your mouth (and some mucus) and you are not able to swallow it properly. It was just some general discomfort, but it does not add to a scene.
The knot from my anklecuffs was not good enough. So I had too much room to move my feet. Need better knot.
Add rope to shoulders (under armpits?) to add more immobility.

I had a fun hour.

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Interesting session herrpee - thanks for sharing with us.

Loved the photos - they helped explain what your set-up was and the positions.

I smiled when I read '...The ballgag does not stop you from screaming ...' Big Grin That is something I recognise, though in my case is was the sound of my 'forced' orgasm that was much louder than I'd expected.

Your challenge (and mine too) is to find a gag that is safe to wear for a long time in bondage but is also more effective at silencing your groans. I personally like the saliva/drooling - its another element that I can't control whilst bound and makes my sessions feel more 'real' if you know what I mean.

Please keep the postings coming - would love to see more of your fetish wear too.

Herrpee - I spotted this and just had to share

14632703203_400cb8b3c5_o.jpg thumbnail    - it put me in mind of the photos of your first session.

Might inspire you?

my board is too wide, your picture reminds me of the spanish horse, what I'd like to try, but wouldn't know how to get on one