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Today I was sure I had a couple of hours the house for myself. Some weeks ago I bought myself a gizmo: a kitchen safe. It's a box with a lid that locks for the time you set it (10 minutes to 10 days). Once locked, only when the timer ends or when you break the acrylic box you can get to whats inside.
I never had a good bondage session on my bed, I'm not that good with knots and either I screw up or I screw up. And I'm afraid that when the knot isn't good enough I might not get out. I don't want to be found by my parents. (Maybe when I'm in dire straits, but not when having fun)

So today I used the upper balustrade on the second floor. At he end it has a 90° corner so I used the long end of the balsutrade to secure my legs (just rope and anklecuffs) to the poles and I used the short end to secure my wrists with cuffs and chains, all locked.
For entertainment I used my e-stim box on a step program (8 steps, the last one was intense) in my ass and I put on my gas mask with a 1/2l rebreather bag.
I put the timer on 1 hour, pressed the button and away it was.

What went good:
The timer worked perfectly.
The e-stim was fun: the pain was intense but not so intense it breaks concentration
Before 20 minutes had passed, I was in the zone, and time was just flying by.
There was no way I could reach my estim control box.

What could be better:
I forgot how tiresome it can be breating with a gasmask with rebreather. I fastened my wrists not far enough and could take of my gasmask, wich I did after 17 minutes. Need to secure my cuffs one post further so I can't reach my face.
The rope holding my plug was secure, but the harnass I made had a knot that pressed in my back. On a matress you don't notice that, on a floor, you feel the knot. But I had limited to movement so I could shift my weight around.

Was fun after all, gonna try longer sessions when I know I have the house to myself all day. I'd like to add nipple clamps and a drysuit or latex suit next time. Or inflatable plug