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sitting at table
Just completed a simple session.

browsing youtube videos, I liked an ad for a commercial SB electromagnetic lock in the form of a flat wooden box with an electromagnet in the center top.

I didn't like one aspect of the commercial product - it used a battery, which is an uncertain energy drain device. I powered my home made version with a battery, but also had a timer. So I whipped up my DIY skills and made one.

After activating the magnet, I clamped the wood box to the edge of my dining room table with a couple C clamps. (Good housekeeping tip - put a bit of cardboard under the post to keep from marring the table's underside).   

Place handcuff keys on table, out of reach. Sit in chair. padlock the metal disk that mates with the electromagnetic lock to handcuffs. Put on cuffs. Hold metal disk near magnet, and THUNK!

Smile I'm going nowhere for 15 minutes.

I can't see the clock. Theres enough residual magnetism that I don't realize I'm free for a bit after it shuts off. After I've learned that tugging on the handcuffs just hurts, I'm reduced to sitting quietly, and don't try tugging for a bit. When I do it's more accidental than purposful.

OK, that was fun.  Reset the timer for 30 minutes. Fresh battery. During the first session I had lots of chances to think about my lack of an emergency escape, so this time I put my well charged cell phone in easy reach.

I have a mirror in the dining room, but it was at a funny angle during the 15 minutes session. For the 30 I move the box and chair so I'm looking into it. 

I'd have gone for a third round, but I'm out of 9 volt batteries.

DIY gadget based on this commercial product.
Sorry if this has a few typos, but I'm having a bit of trouble typing in handcuffs. got my box back out. Spending a quiet 30 minutes surfing the web.

Trying to keep my mind off my bottom. I have some steel plates I brought home from work.
They're about 1/2" x 12x12. I stacked 4 of them on the chair, then sat down.
I'm wearing a thong, garter belt, and skirt. The skirt's down the back of the chair, so I'm sitting with my poor butt cheeks on the plates - and that much steel stays cold a very, very long time.
(23 Mar 2016, 05:14 )lugnuts Wrote: DIY gadget based on this commercial product.
Oh, I missed this video! Nice.

(22 Mar 2016, 04:07 )lugnuts Wrote: So I whipped up my DIY skills and made one.
Any photos? Schemes? Tutorials? Tongue
I'm about to leave for a couple days. I'll write something up, take some photos.