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Electronic selfbondage and chastity box
Electronic selfbondage and chastity box

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plug training again
Hey there good people of likera forums. I just wanted to share something and wondering if any1 else have or are doing something similar. I am now after been away from self bondage for meg over a ywar trying my plug again. It is a very smal one. Yesturday i only managed to wear it for around 20min. Today i was hoping for a few hours and ultimatly for severals daya in a row taking it out only once a day to clean up and do my business. When i can wear it for several days i am planning to get a bigger one and maybe go for an inflatable or vibrating one. i realy like the feeling allthough it is a strange feeling it is a good strange. I also get an erection easly whioe plugged and NOT consentrating so being plugged in public is very fun. So vow about you guys?
Today i woke up wearing my plug i toke it out for 5min to relube and shower before work. Then repluggdd i went to work and i gotta say it*s a realy nice experience knowing u got something up behind there while showing customefs stuff and fixing other stuff. Allmost done for the day sl im going to wear it like this until i cet my new chasity belt with built in inflatable plug:-D ♥
You seem to be doing a lot of this...

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