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old feminization videos
were there old feminization hypnosis videos as far back as the 80s?
Good question.
I have no idea.
Doubtful. Internet Service Providers weren't readily available until the 90s. Before that there were usenets and bulletin boards, but those were mostly text-based with some low-res images and very few videos. Imagine waiting 20 minutes to download a 15 second video with a 120x240 resolution. CDs appeared in the 80s, but at the time they were audio only. Video CDs didn't arrive until the early 90s, with personal CD writers later that decade. With the internet not supporting videos and CDs not existing, VHS tapes are the only format available for making a hypno video in the 80s.

True, many erotic tapes existed back then. Just scan any old porno mag to see the endless ads for videotapes of all kinds of fetishes. I'm not saying that nothing exists. Only that it would be extremely rare and very hard to find.
Of course we are talking VHS and audio cassettes (remember: Type I, Type II...) 😋
Don’t forget Betamax
Betamax lost to VHS completely.

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