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locked on stool
in full latex, plug in, cock in chastity , balls in a latex prick slip, nipples in prick bra.
on a wooden stool, feet with chain behind along. a lock was between the ice lock and the ice lock was stuck with chain on TV cabinet. in this way I could not move forward with a stool, to get the keys.

chain around my waist, and another chain fixed on back, and so forward. my hands were in latex mitts, so they were unusable, the chain fixed to the wrist, so there was some movement, and then a short chain at the front.

a latex mask on and a big ball gag. I was sitting tight, on the hard stool, on the plug. until the ice lock would be defrosted, and I could slide to the keys that were on the table in front of my layers.

a small panic attack, when I clicked the last lock closed, but to get some controlled breath, the horniness took me away. the pain of the pricks, the pleasure of the plug deep and hard inside me, and the latex that made me mega horny.

have ordered an electronic timer lock, so then more certainty of the time, because at an ice lock is only to wait.

after about 1 1/2 hours I could come loose, and had a lovely self bondage.

things I want: an app that records cam images on my mac, because while stuck, the cam was on a site (fetish)

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(26 Dec 2017, 11:47 )slaafruben Wrote: have ordered an electronic timer lock
That's interesting. Which one? Where?
I saw a timer lock too.
War it on eBay??? Can't remember.
Timer Lock. $20.00

There are a number of them
Oops, I think I made a boo-boo.
I got one of those locks as well, they don't feel very strong but after some experimenting I found that if you make a knot in a chain and use the lock to secure the knot it's not possible to put a lot of strain on the lock and it will hold you untill the time expires.
yes that is the one
uitlil that, i use the ice timer :-)
ad the picture in the story
Nice one! 1.5 hours for such a lock is not bad!