Like Ra in latex catsuit, latex mask and high heels
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let's get shroomed!
Ok not really.  Just joined.  Did a google search for latex catsuit forum and this was up there.

Been wanting to find others who enjoy latex, vinyl and other things.

Seems like this stuff is still taboo so you'll likely never see someone wearing latex near me.  I never have.

Wanted a custom catsuit forever but have been trying to lose the gut for almost a decade!

My other interests are video games (single player mostly).  Im currently playing final fantasy xv.  Anything to do with the bible and jesus.  He's a pretty swell guy if you let him show you.

And i like exercising.  Strong body, strong mind, strong morals, and a big foodie.

I prefer to think of latex and other odd clothes as just a clothing option and not a fetish.  So i do my best not to fetishize it.

Also a recoverer of pmo and doing my best to stay away from porn.  Really diagusting stuff when you think about it.
Yes, porn is very boring. And as for wearing latex, vinyl, and other stuff, I call it freeform dressing. Who cares what you like to wear. However, I do understand the pitfalls of wearing whatever you want.
Where I work and what I do limits what I can wear and do. But I’m ok with it.
As for God, I talked or pray to him asking for advice when I feel it won’t bother him too much. So, I’m good.

And welcome to our little group.
Interesting profile. So a very warm welcome aboard 😊
(02 Mar 2020, 19:59 )B1u3 Wrote: Interesting profile.
Yes. I'm still puzzled 😆

As am I!
But welcome anyway 😊

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