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jess's mistake
jess's mistake
by ~ben63376

Jess was so excited she actually set her alarm clock even though she knew that packages were not delivered until 12:00 at earliest. She had checked the tracking on her package the night before,
It was at the distribution center and this morning it said it was out for delivery. She waited pacing in front of her door for 2 hours and it drove her crazy she couldn't wait any more and it was only 10am.
she tried to get her mind off it and watch TV but she found that only the news was on.
she had ordered a chastity belt from the website, it was their newest model and Jess was holding off on her chastity fantasy for it to come out.

As she sat on her couch she realized how tired she was from 3 hours of sleep the night before. She finally dozed off to sleep, she started having dreams of chastity but then she heard an annoying ring and knock just as she had closed the lock on the belt in the dream. she jumped awake off the couch and ran to the door and found the package on the porch.

The package was large but when she picked it up she almost fell backwards as she flung up the surprisingly light package. She ran inside and closed the door locking it. after closing all the blinds and drawing the curtains she opened the large brown box. more than half of the box was filled packing peanuts and bubble wrap.

But she pulled the belt out easily it had tape all over it to keep it in place and closed there were ribbons tied around it reading: WARNING read instructions before wearing or setting system.

she did as she was instructed and looked at the rather long instructions. she inserted the custom lithium battery and the system put a starting message and played a tone.
the belt was smooth and closed seamlessly it has no key hole. The belt is controlled by an advanced artificial intelligence and computer system. it is deceptively flat for all the computing power it has. it has so many features Jess thought aloud as she read through the instructions. one in particular caught her eye; an arousal detector. she had read about the feature on line, she found she could set the belt to let her out only if she went for a set amount of time with out being aroused.

but there were many other features. vaginal vibrators, and shock pads also on her backside and in the waist strap, it had an internal atomic clock and could be set to any foreseeable date or an amount of time. there are light sensors sound detection and speech recognition for keywords and AI interaction. it could be set to open when a word is said. and if it was set to random it would pick one word from the Webster dictionary. and could be set to only a certain number of tries per day.
also has all the features of the older belts, such as touch sound and temperature sensing but the most impressive feature was the AAI. you could have it chose settings for you and you could put in maximum and minimum times and it would decide depending on arousal and times asked if it wanted to let you out when you asked, it could also be set to tease or taunt you when using other features it also had an orgasm denial training that depending on the settings could keep you in the belt permanently depending on the settings (for more info and drawings of this belt watch my DA page for a more detailed item description)
there is a small key pad in the top of the crotch strap on the inside, and a small LCD screen above it. It is used to enter numeric codes that represent different settings.

Jess wanted to try the arousal detection. It would only let her out of the belt if she could go UN aroused for the time she sets. the code was 443 and then the number of hours she entered 39 hours. but she changed her mind and wanted 48 hours and she entered 44348, but Jess did not read the instructions very thoroughly. If she had she would have known to press the clear button before re entering the code, also the code to activate the arousal training was 44339443 and a number of hours for training sessions. The arousal training would try to keep her from getting aroused by teasing her with a vibrator then cutting her off and shocking her out of her state of arousal.

she entered the code to make the AAI to taunt her then she closed the panel over the keypad and started to put the belt on herself. unaware of her mistake she pulled the waist band apart and letting it go back in to it's original shape around her waist then she pulled the crotch strap under herself she had to pull it up somewhat tight for it to reach the waist band. Then she pushed it in to the waist band hearing a muffled <CLICK> sealing her fate.

The belt was pretty much like any other belt, once locked on it appears seamless the edges are rounded making the belt look like it is mercury pored on to the skin

Jess was so turned on she thought she might never calm down and be caught in the belt forever..... As the thought crossed her mind she just got more and more aroused and she wanted to cum so badly.

she tried to push her fingers under the hard metal but cursed to herself as she remembered the belt has an adhesive on the metal that bonds to skin when given a very small electric charge. She went to her bed room to try to calm down,
She found her efforts futile. as she continued reading the instructions she found out how to talk to the AAI, then she got to a section she had breezed over the first time. it was a feature called anti arousal training.
The section talked about using the arousal detector to train the wearer. It would use the built in vibrator and just as they were about to cum the vibrator would stop and they would be shocked, this would go on until they could no longer be aroused by the vibrator. as she read the next portion she noticed the code to activate it was 44339443. Hours: --

Jess immediately began to panic realizing her mistake she started trying to pull the belt open but found nowhere to pull from. Jess now in tears started pinching herself, thinking: this has to be a horrible dream and, I WANT TO WAKE UP!! Jess cried aloud.

Next she tried to talk to the AAI she touched the little depression in the waist band and said: what's happening what is going on
AAI: you will be trained.
Jess: what!? How (cries hoping it's not what she thought) AAI: you will be put through the anti arousal training. Please refer to instruction manual for more information.
JESS: but I want to orgasm
AAI: then you should not have or had someone else use this setting.
Jess: B-But it was an accident!
AAI: then you must live with your mistakes
Jess: B-B-But i-i *sob* how long will it take? *sob*
AAI: more than 13 months on average
JESS: W-What did you say?!?!
AAI: more than 13 months on average, for technical assistance go to the TMPL website.

At that Jess ran to her computer and went to the web site. there was a contact E-mail address, She sent a message to the address pleading for help, telling what had happened, and her mistake.

After only ten minuets she was surprised with a response, the email read:

Dear Jess,
I'm sorry for your dilemma. although I hope you learn your lesion about reading instructions.
The belt was marked and you ignored the warnings. this is your mess and there is nothing I can do to clean it for you.

I hope for your sake you are not used-to pleasuring yourself, if so this will take a very long time.

I would be nice to the AAI, back talk will only make it worse for you my dear.

-Owner and Manager, -BEN.

Jess was horrified by the E-Mail she was truly stuck in the belt. and she was almost turned on by the thought but only sat and cried.

she fell asleep laying her head on the desk but woke when her office chair rolled back and she fell on the floor. she just lay there and cry for about an hour then she stared to pound her fist in to the belt repeatedly. she snapped out of it when she heard the AAI say: STOP THAT YOU CRY BABY!!

Jess: what did you say to me!!
AAI: get over your self
Jess: why don't you get over yourself!!!

Jess: OOWWW @#!$ belt!!!


Jess went back and forth with the AAI for about ten minuets.... the AAI won and Jess went to bed sore from all the shocking.

When she woke up the next morning... or rather the afternoon she tried to ignore the belt. but everything reminded her about it she couldn't keep her mind off it. she was going crazy. She was glad the day was over when she went to bed
the next day was not quite as bad she pretty much decided that she was stuck and might as well enjoy it. after all isn't this what she actually wanted?
She soon changed her mind.
that night as she lay in bed the first session of her training started, the vibrator felt so good but as she got close to orgasm she received a sudden and painful zap to the crotch. she let out a scream that would curl your toes. she went and got a ball gag before the second session started. she lay on her bed and buckled the gag in her mouth and lay through the second session. the vibrator worked her up to the point of orgasm but then stopped and gave her a shock she again screamed in to the gag now in tears.
 jess in belt.png   
The shock this time was stronger than the first, she just lay and go to sleep dreading the mistake she had made

---3 months later---

Jess was starting to be able to control herself. she could last almost 10 minutes of the 20 minute sessions. she still screams when it shocks her. she had been spamming the TMPL mail box but they had stopped replying to her.

------------9 months later------------

Jess was getting depressed she was so used to pleasuring herself. she was now able to make it through the first session but only 15 minuets of the second before she got close enough to orgasm and was shocked. she had been stuck at this point for nearly 2 months she felt so close to getting out of the belt but she had lost hope.
Over the next 4 months she just let it happen.
finally 1 and a half years after she closed the belt. she made it through both of the sessions.
the belt opened and she immediately rummaged through her box of toys and found her favorite vibrator (silver and egg shaped) she turned it on but nothing happened....
she flicked it on and off a few times. she didn't know what was wrong there were battery's in it last time she used it....! Batteries. she opened the battery door and saw the batteries had leaked the acid out
WHY!!! She screamed. She got a new set of batteries and scraped the acid from the contacts and put the batteries in the compartment with haste and to her pleasure it turned on. She put it to her pussy and felt its massaging vibrations but... she was not being satisfied. She felt like her body was holding her back.
Jess was horrified she wanted to cum sooo baaddllyyy but she could not. she was powerless against her body, it had been trained to react differently.
She was getting frantic she wrote another e-mail to TMPL and then lie in her bed rubbing her pussy sobbing.

In his office Ben looks over his spam folder and finds a message from Jess. He figures he might as well read it as she has been quiet for some time now.

Subject: IM SORRY *tear

IM SORRY I'm really sorry I said so many mean things and spammed your mail box.

The belt opened finally a few hours ago and Now I can't pleasure myself. PLEASE HELP ME!! IM SORRY *tears*


Hearts and kisses Jess.
when Jess woke the next morning she felt strange something wasn't right she reached up to rub her eyes but her hands would not go to them. her eyes snapped open and she franticly pulled and struggled against her bonds. she was tied spreadeagled to her bed she had a harness ball gag locked on to her head and she couldn't move more than a few inches.
She looked down at herself; she was in latex MAID UNIFORM!! (Jess doesn't like maid uniforms)

She noticed her computer screen was on. she had it turned off the night before. On the screen there was a web cam view of her on one half and on the other half was a message. It reads:

Well well well look that actually NEEDS my help now. well, you may not like my brand of help; but it's too late for you to change your mind now.

I should have just left you to enjoy your new state of mind and body. but... I'm a sucker for crying girls

Oh by the way, girl you are one heavy sleeper I didn't even need the chloroform I brought.

Jess started to panic she had no idea what was going on. someone was watching her, and now there was a vibrator going off between her legs!!

She wanted to help it but she couldn't touch it. she was feeling so turned on but she was not getting anywhere near orgasm.
Her body was torturing her, no matter how much the vibrator worked at her her body was controlling itself and holding her back. she went like this for hours and hours, she started to feel like days had passed. But over some time she got closer and closer. It was very frustrating to be hung at the same spot for such long periods of time.
--After 7 hours of her torment--
she had been pulling and convulsing for 2 hours she felt like her arms had fallen off. after ten more minutes she came to an orgasm surpassed by none other she had experienced in her life. And with that she let out a scream that would have been heard by her entire block had she not been gagged. The vibrator stopd and she gazed at the web cam with big cute eyes hopping to appeal to who was watching her. Jess got existed when The message on the screen was being re typed.

Message: Congratulations are you happy now?| (flashing prompt bar)

Jess nods yes and tries to ask to be let go through the gag

Message: No no of Course you're not happy. Why would you only be happy with one orgasm.|

Jess protests pulling on her bonds, and screaming in to the gag.

Message: Don't worry I will turn it back on.|

Jess is starting to get frantic throwing a fit and crying. The vibrator tuned back on but this time on a higher setting. it was making her sore and numb.

Message: There we go now you look happy. I will be by to let you free later on tonight. it's aeady 1:00 pm so only about 7 hours

Jess started crying. more for show than hurt. she was completely helpless. Even if her Neighbors heard her they would ignore her and her friends were all busy this weekend.

Jess started looking around trying to assess her situation other than her computer and her clothes change there was nothing else changed. there was nothing in reach not even the bed post's she had lather cuffs on her wrists locked on with small padlocks, they were not her's. she now felt more helpless than before. the cuffs were very tight, but while still comfortable there was no chance she would pull her hands through them. there was rope that went from the cuffs under the bed frame and to the supports under the mattress. she could pull all she wanted and not move an inch.

Her situation though frightening was turning her on so much. but she could barley feel the vibrator it must have been losing battery power.
She now had nothing to do but lay and be horny.
Jess was starving; she had not eaten since lunch the day before.
With nothing to keep her awake she fell asleep after another hour...

BEN entered Jess's house around 7:00 pm he walked in to her bed room carrying a bag with takeout food and his digital camera. all he could say when he saw her asleep was: SIRIOSLY!!
Jess woke the next morning and said to herself: what a horrible dream. then she noticed what she was wearing... she tried as hard as she could to reach the zipper in the back of the outfit. but she could not touch it. she went over to a mirror and to her displeasure the zipper was locked with a small padlock.

The outfit was tight. she could feel the vibrator under the attached panties but it was so tight she could barely get a finger under it never the less take the vibrator out and put new batteries in it. she noticed a bag of take out Chinese from her favorite restaurant on her desk. and it had a note on it. It reads:

I swear Jessica, you sure have a way of ruining my plans. I was going to feed you. and then leave you locked to the bed. but when I got here you were sleeping again, and you do not wake for anything. I stayed here for 3 hours to see if you would wake but I have places to be. I couldn't just leave you there without food and I would not make it back today so I had no choice but to let you go early. but don't worry you will make up for this

Jess opened the bag and took out the now cold meal and went to warm it up. there was a small note on the microwave:
PS: I will send you the key to your uniform if I find it
Jess although angry enough she could have ripped the door off the microwave she put her food in and set the timer with the door still attached. just then she noticed something else; She was still gagged...
Jess was relieved to find the gag was not locked on anymore. she removed it and then rubbed her soar jaw.
The microwave beeped and she took her food out, and ate.
Jess played sick for the next 2 weeks as she could not wear anything over the maid uniform. it was all frilly and cute. she could not even feel her fingers through the thick latex of the uniform. using the toilet was a pain, she was so happy when she received the key in the mail, and so horny. she looked in the mirror and unlocked the small padlock and took the thing off as fast as she could.
she was surprised to find she could pleasure herself again. she came within 3 minutes of her discovery she was however worried about the words written in the note; she would have to pay for falling asleep.


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