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hotelroom sleep
English :
Next Thursday and Friday I'm back in Germany on business, and I do sleep for free in a hotel room alone.

Plan then as a slave to spend the night:


- chastity cage and plug
-panties with internal spikes
-bra with internal spikes
-latex body
-latex chaps
-latex mask
-gag and eye mask

All this in my sleeping bag latex

Sleeping bag onto bed with tensioning straps

See all mys stuff here:
Looking for ideas for this night
Latexslaafboy on Skype

If I'm there can cam on my iPad or iPhone

Nederlands: Volgende week donderdag en vrijdag zit ik weer in Duitsland voor zaken, en slaap ik do op vrij in een hotel kamer alleen.

Plan is dan weer als een slaaf de nacht door te brengen :
-kuis en plug
-prik slip
-prik bh
-latex body
-latex chaps 
-latex masker
-gag en oog masker
Dit alles in mijn latex slaapzak
SlaapZak vast aan bed met span banden

Op zoek naar ideeën voor deze nacht
Latexslaafboy op Skype

heb heel veel toys

bekijk alle spullen hier :

Als ik daar ben kan cam aan op mij iPad of iPhone
Looks like you will be in for a fun night with not much sleep.

Do you plan to have a system so that you have to stay locked in all this until morning?
If there is a fridge in the hotel room, there is a chance Tongue
Yes i would like to stay locked all night until morning.
no freezer, only minibar

Another idea is to do first stay in pain or be exposed. then lying in sleeping bags on the bed / sleep

but miss creativity, is as fast as the same
There is no release with this timer, make something ?
You could use the old combination lock and daylight trick.
Leave the curtains open and you will only be able to release yourself when dawn arrives.

Or buy one of those kitchen safes on Amazon set it for 6hrs and throw the keys in there and then lock the clothes on yourself, just make sure you can move enough to walk over and retrieve them when time is up.
Yes THE time lock of Amazon would be cool
But i am to late to order
Anal vibrator. Dildo vibrator mouth gag. Earplug. Nose plug. Hahaha. I love if all my hole been enclosed. U cant hear u cant smell. Only gasping from mouth dildo. Vibrating. Hehe
i have made some latex mitts
so my hands are useless in the latex sleeping bag

you can see them om mij blog

still need ideas for that night, for in bed and before going to bed