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forced ab workout
Oh my, forums are quiet, a little story to get you guys going.
As my body is getting more and more round-shaped, I thought I'd force myself into a little workout. So I took out my latex catsuit, my ab-board, my e-stim, wristcuffs and latex hood.
Normally I tape the electrodes to my skin, but because I was wearing my latex catsuit (wich is rather tight around my body), I thought there was no need for it. Later more on this.

I postioned myself backwards on my ab-board (legs on the board, body on the ground) so that when the e-stim is really, really painfull, I'd rise my body when the muscles contract because of the electricity running through them. Good workout Angel

As I want some fun, I put the timer on my safe on 1 hour. The program on the e-stim box cranks up the intensity every 10 seconds in 4 steps. The last step being... hellish. So painfull I cry out rather loud. So can't do this with anyone around the house. I wish I would have a safe way to make myself quiet. After the 4th step, it just starts over.

The start was good: the pain, the workout, the latex, the misery, the impossibility to escape... subspace heaven. After a while, I noticed a distinct stinging on one of the electrodes. The stinging gradually got worse as time progressed. After I think about 30 minutes, the stinging hurt. And not in a good way. What happened? The electrode was coming of skin, there was no good contact anymore. That leads to a nasty electrical burn... only first degree, but close to a second degree burn. Not too big, just annoying, painfull and hard to explain to the missus.
Pro tip, tape your electrodes, always!
The electrode is kaputt, the gell solidified where my skin was burnt.
Don't say I didn't warn you Cool
Where were the electrodes placed?
like this (this is not me, random internet photo)

[Image: abs2pad.JPG]
So the electrodes were under the latex. Does additional sweating "affect the effect"? From my understanding, if you are wearing a latex catsuit, the layer of sweat should definitely affect the current, and it might be quite dangerous. Or the only problem is the one you "enjoyed"?

BTW, does the ABS stimulator really help to get the muscles developed?
Interesting thread..

My experience using a borrowed TENS machine was quite different. If the connection was less than perfect then the machine cut-off the power to the electrodes - possibly this is the difference between TENS and eSTIM type machines?

I had actually got to the stage where I could use the TENS to create and maintain a very strong erection - but then, sadly, needed to return the machine to its owner, so now haven't got it to play with Sad

My two lasting frustrations (and the reason why I haven't invested in my own TENS unit) are that:

1. I never could get close to a climax (I guess eSTIM works and this is another difference?)

and, more importantly,

2. My 'threshold' to the settings seemed to vary wildly from one day to the next. By that I mean that a power level that worked brilliantly on one day was unbearable the next and then only gave the tiniest of tingles on another day. For that reason I was always vary reluctant to use the TENS in a self-bondage scenario. I was genuinely scared that I would find myself being brutally tortured by the damn thing and unable to stop it! Shok

(06 Feb 2015, 16:22 )madjack Wrote: For that reason I was always vary reluctant to use the TENS in a self-bondage scenario. I was genuinely scared that I would find myself being brutally tortured by the damn thing and unable to stop it!
My major concern as well.
Gonna try and answer the questions, but first of all I use this box
It is awesome! I want to get it updated so it can use the commander software so one can get someone else to toy with the settings online.
The support from estim is very good. I had a problem with the screws in the box, they just sent me another set.
First of all yes, electricty can be dangerous. Never use electrodes in the heart region (as you see a lot on photo's, but a lot of them are just fake, but it looks real. On a side note, even in "those" films, a lot of electro is faked)
Quote:Does sweating cause burns?
Sweating will not cause electrical burns. Bad contact from electrodes to skin will, given time. If you feel a stinging (like a bee-sting), check your electrode. If you do selfbondage, make sure your electrodes won't get lose, so tape em. In a real scenario you can't decide you want them off, so make sure they stay on.
Sweating will cause a different sensation: the contact area will get bigger. This usuallly means less pain as the current is distributed over a bigger area. It can also cause a short-circuit, ruining your box if it's not failsafe, when the sweat patches from both electrodes join. SO yes, electricty and latex are a (very) dangerous combination.
Why did I do it when I knew the risks? It was (is) coldish in the room (about 14-15°C), there was no way I was gonna sweat fast and/or plenty. Besides, the sweat would mostly be running towards my face, the lower position, the electrodes had the same polarity under each other so not a big risk the polarities would cross and cause a shortcircuit.

Quote:What is the difference between tens and estim?
In case of a TENS it stands for (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation). It is the use of electric current produced by a device to stimulate the nerves for therapeutic purposes. TENS by definition covers the complete range of transcutaneously applied currents used for nerve excitation although the term is often used with a more restrictive intent, namely to describe the kind of pulses produced by portable stimulators used to treat pain.You can get it from tens units.
And an E-stim unit is an electrical device that sends currents through unbroken skin via small electrodes that target muscles. E-stim units induce muscle contractions that are stimulated by excitation (current) produced directly at the motor nerve. E-Stim units are mainly designed to to interact with the nervous system thus producing sensation, and are not targeting muscles. Higher levels of output do sometimes produce minor motor nerve stimulation but should not be confused with the muscle building 'slendertones' of the world, which are EMS systems, Electro muscle stimulators.
All TENS EMS and E-Stim units generate current, it's the level of control and the waveforms that are designed for different applications. Think the difference between a small car and a F1/NASCAR racer, both cars, they just do it differently.

Quote:Does the ABS stimulator really help to get the muscles developed?
I guess you mean using my tens to develop abs? Yes. It is a workout, you will have painfull/used muscles when used properly. The thing is, if you want to reach the slighty deeper muscles, you need to crank up the volume, errr, the juice. You probably won't enjoy it if you don't like some pain. The current must be strong enough to let you make the movement you would otherwise make willingly to develop your abs (crunches). That kind of current with an estim device is high and painfull, just a word of warning. If you really want to use electricty to train, use an ems

Quote:I was genuinely scared that I would find myself being brutally tortured by the damn thing and unable to stop it!
This is exactly what I like. Nothing can stop it, you know you will get pain, you know you can't stop it. Just thinking about this makes me happy.
This is what I miss sometimes. I don't always have the heart to crank it up to enough intensity because I am scared it will hurt too much. I always end up disapointed if there was not enough pain or if I manage to escape it.
But each to his/her own Heart
Thanks for the comprehensive answer herrpee Big Grin

So I think what you are saying is that E-stim work in a subtly different way to TENS, which when combined with their design means the user (or 'victim' if you prefer!) gets a totally different experience... nice! Wink

Interested in your comments about the 'pain' being part of your personal thrill. If it works for you, and it doesn't involve hurting anyone else, then it's fine by me.

I guess this is one of those instances where there is a very fine line between pain and pleasure?

Personally I'm more interested in the ability to 'force' (in the nicest possible way) an orgasm (or two, or three or...) when I'm helplessly bound Blush

If not that, then something that will keep me on or close to the edge for as long as possible - the nicest of torments Big Grin

(10 Feb 2015, 19:12 )madjack Wrote: If not that, then something that will keep me on or close to the edge for as long as possible - the nicest of torments
Yes, "not being able to" is definitely the essence of bondage Tongue

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