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flexible Asian girls
Some may recall an exchange Ra and I had (seems like years ago) about Asian girls and elbow ties.

Ra, if my memory is correct, was certain that Asian girls can not touch their elbows together like a western girl can (Ra himself is also most flexible in this area) - hence why you only saw Asian girls in 'box tie' scenarios and not 'elbow-tie' ones.

I, on the other hand, was adamant that this couldn't be true and even though I'd missed the opportunity to confirm (I know a beautiful Asian girl, but have never been in a position to ask her!), I was sure I could find a photo somewhere that showed it.

Well I can't... but I have found this one:

2833687728_62d96dd5b8_z.jpg thumbnail   

Even if her elbows aren't touching (and I'm sure they are!) she is amazingly flexible and very pretty. I can imagine all sorts of fun with rope an a girl as flexible as she is Angel

Your are just in time with this post. I'm composing an article about single-gloves ;-)
Is this what I've been seeking?

asian touching.jpg thumbnail   

She looks Asian and her elbows are touching - is it enough to prove Asian women can be tied with their arms in a 'western' bondage style?

... I feel like some sort of 'porn monkey' after looking at soooo many photos to try and find this Mocking

There are exceptions ;-)