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castration by hypnosis
this is my first thread and post on this forum,
i am man 44,

I am interested in castration by hypnose method, so mental castration.
There are  few files on the web. Last 2 days i was using vive hypnosis file once a day.That is my first file of this type.Until now my experience is increased sexual receptiveness during day,more horny then usually on dayly basis, even if i masturbate dayly to release tension.When i sleep, night sweating that i didnt had before  happen.That sweating comes in fast cycles ,both up and down part of the body are wet very fast and after that  come cooling, that is acompanied with steady erection that doesnt retreat .Like it was caused with some potency drug.I have not noticed eny mental changes on dayly life yet.

I would like to know had enybody used this sort of files before ,for how long and what were experiences.
My plan is to test it thoroughly , then it is temporary ,effects are not forever.Using string for safety is promissing.

Can hypnose effect testical functioning and production of testosterone ,and with that body and mental changes ?

thanks in advance
Do you want to "become limp"? Do you want less testosterone? Do you want to feel as if you do not have penis/balls? Do you want some body changes? Shrinking?
(17 Aug 2022, 22:34 )Like Ra Wrote: Do you want to "become limp"?  Do you want less testosterone? Do you want to feel as if you do not have penis/balls? Do you want some body changes? Shrinking?

I do want to become limp,feel less testosterone ,feel as i dont have penis/balls.Yes but temporarily.I am also curious about possible body changes,and possible mind changes.When its about shrinking i hasitate on all that can be irreversible.

I see this as temporary experiment for my body and soul ,if its possible.I guess all this could be achieved with some testosterone blockers but wanted to bypass chemical drugs.

thanks for your answer
Have you tried this file? It sounds like what you're looking for:

- Although having now heard it, the erotic content is low and it is not one of the hypnotist's better files.

Here's another:
I want to summarize.
For almost 2 months from my initial post.

After the immediate beginning and one to two times daily use of Vive's track mental castration, it started to work progressively.  After just 5 days of listening to the track I saw it worked and stopped listening to it but still wearing the string. Time was passing and I got adjusted. I lost that hornyness and night sweating, I forgot about erections, I did not put any attention on my penis and balls just forgot of them (daily hygiene-shower done), nothing did attract me sexually, my thoughts were somewhat slower, little depression from daily routine become noticeable. Penis become limp but same size, balls got lower hanging now.
 In about 25 days I started to have morning erections, so I did release my self with ejaculation. It was different than ever before, without a lust or hornyness, I just expelled the fluid with weak orgasm. Then I repeated the hypnotrack for two times again, and it worked as before.
I noticed reconciliation from me to others, and silence in myself as a loss of any aggressive behaviour. I stopped being burdened with thoughts of my appearance. All previous sexual behaviour that I was loaded with tension, and make myself do regrettable things I see as a stupidity now.

All in all it worked, even if I listened it for 7 days in total in these 2 months.
I will continue to wear a string and make further exploring.

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